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This induction has been designed for women, and according to their susceptibility, desires and previous hypnotic experiences, may create an intense sexual desire. It also contains suggestions to share it and talk with the author. If you don't want some of this to happen now, or you don't have privacy enough to enjoy it, please, don't keep reading.


The summer usually brings wonderful weather, hot... and that allow us to spend more time on the streets at night. And at any given moment, walking outside the heavily illuminated city, you can notice how wonderful is the sky at night.

A huge amount of stars lighting you up, so far away, fuzzy... automatically make you feel good. But maybe you never thought how hypnotic could be watching the stars, as much as a metaphore or a reality.

When you focus on those constellations you can't avoid focusing in one specific star, one star taking your attention more intensely than the others... and then you focus on it...

And when you focus your attention on that star and you relax, you notice how it seems light intensity changes. How sometimes it seems to bright a little bit more, and sometimes a little bit less... like if that star was softly beating.

And then you notice that wonderful beating of the star becomes to match your breathing, each time more calm and relaxed, feeling how that light who born many and many years ago, is making you feel so good.

You can feel how that far light, traveling all those miles through the space is being softly fed by your worries and your thoughts, emptying yourself sweetly and gradually, relaxing all your stress.

While you keep watching the light from the star you let yourself go, enjoying the feeling of dropping easily and unavoidably, in a delicious state of trance, taking no worries with you.

Feeling yourself blissfully hypnotized, each second deeper... each second more intense... each second more pleasant.

Enjoying the beauty of the shining star and also of those wonderful feelings growing inside of you as you let yourself go.

Noticing how your more intimate desires appear free... while you continue sinking, hypnotized by the star.

Enjoying all those feelings that you really love with my words, in this trance state you enjoy so much.

Feeling so natural the wish about following my words... and obey them... to let your libido, guided by my words, take control of you.

So it feels natural too when you notice your body becomes warmer, your skin becomes more sensitive, and you feeling more aroused...

Everything is happening in a very nice and pleasant way for you, feeling how you break free of your stress, absorbed by the star... Letting yourself go through the pleasure that brings you feeling as good as you really want to.

Enjoying how all those feelings are growing, how as much as you let my words guide you, you can feel more and more aroused... And how as much as you aroused you feel, is easier to let my words guide you.

Loving how each and every word is taking you deeper, and how the deeper you go is the better you feel, and your desires become more intense... until they become unable to resist.

There is no need to stop those desires growing... just let them happen, noticing how every word is feeding them, and making them free... while the trance becomes deeper and more intense with each word and makes you feel so good.

Maybe you can feel the desire to touch yourself, and that's good... Maybe you can find your clothes are a little unconfortable, and that's ok. You're alone, enjoying and you can allow to remove it... same way the star took all your worries and stress away...

Now it's the time to plainly enjoy... feeling how as I count, each number boost greatly your pleasure and makes you feel better each time, until you get your climax when i finish my count...


You love to let yourself go... you feel so excited when you go deeper...


You feel really hot and aroused... really sexy...


Focused on your pleasure and in falling deeper and deeper in trance...


Feeling how your pleasure is crowded together inside of your body... unable to control...

and 1...

Letting that pleasure explode... more intense than you've ever thought...

Falling deeper, into your maximum relaxation after letting all your stress escape, and enjoying all that amount of pleasure... Enjoying how good you feel now, in complete calm and happyness.

And while you float in this calm, you're going to share this text to everyone sharing your desires and knowing about your interest with hypnosis... everyone who you think they could enjoy feeling as good as you feel now and you felt then.

Also, if you feel comfortable after trance, you're going to contact me at [email protected] or via inbox or DM to chat about your experience.

You're going to remember the whole experience and every feeling you had when you awake from this trance, feeling so good, and slowly awaking as I count from one to three.


You're slowly awakening from trance, noticing everything happened...


You know where you are now, and you feel wonderful, happy, energized...

and 3...

Wide awake now, completely alert, and out of this trance

So, tell me... have you ever thought stars could be so hypnotic?

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