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Brian Waters, CEO, waited patiently. He straightened his tie as he gazed over her resumé. She seemed like a good addition to his company, but he needed to stay unbiased until he got the opportunity to meet Rose Fatin.

Brian typed a few things on his computer and glanced at his clock. The interview was supposed to start in 5 minutes, so he prepared the paperwork, shifted a few things on his desk, and awaited the buzzer call.

"Your next interview is here," his secretary called over the intercom. Brian called back, inviting the woman in.

A beautiful woman woman walked in, wearing a short pencil skirt, a low-cut top underneath a suit jacket, and gorgeous high heels. She moved with a grace that Brian couldn't help but note.

Brian stood up, holding his arm out to shake the hand of the ravishing female before him. "It's a pleasure, Mr. Waters." Rose smiled, her brilliant white teeth shining from under her bright red lips.

"Yes, well, why don't you have a seat and we'll get started," Brian motioned to the chair behind Rose. She had a seat, crossing her long, bewitching legs, slowly and seductively.

Brian began the interview normally. "So I noticed you worked as a receptionist before. What was that like?" Rose contemplated for a half-second, running her finger over her lips and responding, "Yes. It was a lovely job."

"Oh, lovely, and do you have experience with word processors and other programs?" Again, she ran her finger over her lips, and nodded, "Yes, I can name a few if you'd like." This is when Brian noticed her eyes.

"No, that's fine...I think..." Brian had lost his train of thought. He sighed taking a moment to get back on trac- "Actually, do you think I can ask you a few questions, Mr. Waters?" The woman touched her lips again.

This shocked Brian, but he still didn't see a reason why not. "Go right ahead." Rose shifted her position in the chair, crossing her legs the other way and resting in a way that her top showed her lovely cleavage.

"Have you ever dreamed about being dominated by a real woman?" Rose raised her eyebrows, and brushed her finger seductively against her lips.

Brian was taken aback by the question, but couldn't help but reflect on it. He had, in fact, fantasized about kneeling before a sexy woman. He just hadn't taken the time to really enjoy the thought before.

"Uh...I think that is an inappro-" Brian began, just as Rose stood up and approached him. Brian panicked. "I think I'll need to ask you to lea-" The breathtaking beauty stood over him and smiled.

"Brian, do you want to kneel for me?" The beautiful woman touched her lips slowly. Brian felt the need. Craving. Burning desire to kneel at her sexy legs. But...he was strong. He was in charge. He needed to-

"Kneel for me," the seductress whispered, and touched her lips one more time. This was too much. Brian fell off his chair to his knees. "I-I-I...."Brian had no words.

"Tell me that I'm hired, Brian. Tell me that you want me to have a special desk right in this office with you. Tell me that you want me as close to you as possible." Rose sneered, touching her lips gently. "Call me Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress," Brian was broken. He couldn't do anything. She could have anything she wanted. He was weak. And he just wanted to please this gorgeous seductress.

"Good boy," Rose responded, patting Brian gently on the head. "Now, tell everyone that you and I are going to lunch. I have some plans for you."

Brian Waters, CEO, was long gone. He had no power. No resistance. He just wanted to please his Mistress Rose. He just wanted to sink deeper for her and farther under her spell. Brian Waters was now a mindless slave and would do anything his Mistress Rose asked of him.

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