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My happy place

My happy place has nothing on the walls

Nothing on the floors. There is a door to my happy place when sometimes is locked but no keys open that door to my happy place. The entire room of my happy place is one color. Only one color that brings me peace and happiness. Sometimes i come to my happy place to be alone. Sometimes others may enter my happy place to keep me from being alone. My happy place is my own personal space a space that was created for me. I sometimes have a hard time entering my happy place but with the right push i can open up my door and step into my happy place.

There is a happy place for me. There is a happy place for you. But all put aside we all enjoy our own happy places. 

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The Wall

Jul 25 '18
This is pretty insightful.
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By purpleishypnotic19
Added Jul 24 '18



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