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I really had so much fun at MEEHU 3 this past weekend that its hard to recall everything, not that any one ever suggested that, and there are a few things that are very hard to recall. Therefore I’m only going to hit the high points.

Thanks to Hypnomaestro, the Prisms, Miss Isis, Mephki, Daja, and everyone else involved with making this happen. Being friends to the entire convention committee let me know just how hard they worked behind the scenes before and during the event, beyond what most people would expect. The event went very smoothly (no lacrosse moms this year) which is a reflection of the work they put into it. That also goes for the volunteers and the presenters who gave of their time to give everyone else a truly memorable event.

Thanks to everyone whose panels and presentations I attended: your hard work is what makes this event possible. Also thanks to the people who attended my panels: your attendance is what makes these events that much more fun. I will be doing more panels next year, but different ones.

Thanks to everyone who tranced me, who are too numerous for me to remember them all, and also thanks to everyone who let me trance them, which were not as many but still a significant number: you all know who you are. I went with the intent of doing both and there were a lot of happy trances on both sides of the watch for me this year. Wish I could have done more but I am satisfied with what all I did do. I fully intend to increase both next year: I am already working on some (for me, at least) new and interesting ways to make that happen.

Thanks especially to eghost for her session with me Saturday evening. She did the unconference demo on conversational hypnosis Saturday morning and I was one of her demo subjects. She was very informative and the whole concept of conversational hypnosis was very interesting and very effective, to the point that when she happened to mention spontaneous amnesia after the demonstration it spontaneously occurred with me. Therefore, that evening I asked if I could explore and experience it in depth. I doubt either of us anticipated it becoming an intense, in-depth experience that is already producing some positive changes in my life. I must credit her professionalism in this situation, especially during the pre-talk, outlining elements that I needed to understand.

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