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Hello, my name is spellbinder and I'm new to this website. I'd like to share some of my skills and learnings as a hypnotist so that you can develop an awareness that will increase your flexibility and power of persuasion as a hypnotist to influence in ways that have an effect your subject subconsciously and always to be used in ethical ways.

What they are any how to use them

Agreement sets are a very elegant and simple way to develop rapid rapport (a close and harmonious relationship in which the people concerned understand each others' feelings or ideas and communicate well.)

For instance, as you read these words, your eyes are open and you can see your screen which means it's fine to go ahead and blink your eyes at least twice now.

Or consider this for a moment: you're not standing on the surface of the sun, you're not sitting in a crater on the moon, and you're not orbiting the planet Saturn.  So sooner or later you're going to want to stretch, just for a moment. 

While the previous two agreement sets, one framed in the positive, and the other framed in the negative are totally ridiculous -- in both cases three statements were made which you accept without question.

When creating an agreement set for hypnotic rapport it is crucial that you make statements of fact that your listener will not be able to refute, deny, or refuse consciously in the present moment.  99% of the time you will be viewing your subject so all you need to do is to describe their current experience.

I used those examples because I can't see you reading this, however if you were my subject and I could see you I might say something like this:  (assume the following are facts)

You're sitting in that chair, and as you look at me, you can see that my shirt is black. 

While you can hear the fan behind you and feel the temperature of the air on your skin, that silver ring on your pinky has a red stone on it.

As you are telling someone undeniable facts, because you are telling them things they can't consciously refute, their subconscious mind is connecting you and your voice to being true.  Being true creates trust, and trust creates rapport.

Following your agreement set statements you will immediately intersperse a very, very non hypnotically based suggestion.  You just want to see that they are responding to you.

As you begin to get responses to these little seemingly meaningless suggestions what's happening is that you are creating rapport with the subconscious mind.  This is totally out of the awareness of the conscious of your subject.

I know this article is short but it gets directly to the point.  Try it with someone in non-hypnosis contexts and notice the response you get.  While you might think they might be on to you, done smoothly your subject will have no idea, however they will being to like you more and more without consciously realizing it.

Leave a comment or a like if you find this information useful and I'll write more articles about the finer arts of the magical power of language and other hypnotic secrets.

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