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I've written a few erotic hypnosis stories...  Typically based off an erotic image.  This is the first one I ever wrote.  I'd love comments if people enjoy!  I can post more if there is interest!

Poor Emily…

Ever since talking to that hypnotist online, she just seems to lose 5 minutes each times she sits down in that wooden char.  Just sitting down and letting her eyes droop shut for just a moment.  So easy to do.

Then a few moments in her mind later she’s back awake, feeling strangely relaxed and energized, her fingers slightly sticky, but no memory of why.

That hypnotist was so nice to talk to - his words so relaxing as he just chatted away.  He was so nice, helping her feel so much more comfortable in the hard wooden chair.  It used to be so uncomfortable, but now it feels so nice after each time she sits in it…  Too bad she also loses track of time every time she does.

His words were so wonderfully relaxing…  So easy to follow as they guided her deeper and deeper into relaxation.  Just sitting there in the chair, reading the words, following along as he guided her.  That hard chair feeling more and more comfortable with every moment as he guided her deeper and deeper.

“Just relax and follow the words.”

“Just read and let yourself go.”

She just followed along and read, no longer even worrying about what the words said, just letting them guide her.  Each and every word sliding deeply into her subconscious, no need to think about them at all.

“Follow my words”

“Feel the pleasure of my words”

Continuing to follow along, feeling so relaxed in the chair.  Each and every word so powerful as she read, followed, enjoyed.

“Feel yourself getting aroused as you sit in your chair”

“Feel the pleasure building”

Each and every word guiding her further and further, taking more and more control as they slipped into her mind.  Not a thought but the pleasure, no resistance to the words.

“This chair means pleasure for you”

“Feel the pleasure building”

More and more aroused as she sits in the chair, the words taking her deeper and deeper.

“You need to pleasure yourself in the chair”

“Feel your hands compelled to caress your body when you sit in the chair”

Still reading, following the words, her hands gliding over her body, more and more aroused as they caress, play, explore all of those sensitive areas.

“Each time you sit in this chair you will feel the pleasure”

“Each time you sit in this chair you will need to play”

More and more aroused, deeper and deeper into erotic hypnotic pleasure she slides.

“Every time you sit in this chair you will need to play”

“Every time you finish, you will forget that you played, feeling relaxed and energized”

She felt the words in her mind, driving her pleasure, pushing her further and further, compelling her play.  She felt the words in her mind, causing her to forget when she finished, forgetting she came, just feeling relaxed and energized afterward.

“Cum for me now, forgetting afterward, feeling relaxed and energized”

“Cum for me now, forgetting afterward, feeling relaxed and energized”

Wake now, feeling so wonderfully relaxed and energized, no need to remember what happened.  Each and every time you sit in the chair you’ll need to pleasure yourself again, forgetting as you finish, just feeling so relaxed and energized.


Emily was really looking forward to this evening - she had all of her girlfriends coming over to study history.  Of course she’d take the wooden char - she always felt so relaxed and energized when she sat in it.

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The Wall

Apr 29 '16
wow...nice story
Apr 30 '16
Thank you
May 18 '16
Very hot!
May 20 '16
Thank you
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