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So there has been a lot of talk and despite my best efforts I started getting sucked into the “what if” type of scenarios. So I want to state my opinions here and let you guys know that these are only opinions.

What is happening to hypbook?:

I do not know, anything I do know is hearsay and I have not confirmed it as true. I have had a lot of anxiety about this, I love hypbook, and it was my online hypnotic home for a long time. I may be voicing some of my anxiety’s about it in ways that could come across as what I actually think is happening, and for that I am sorry. Truth is, as far as I know, it is there for now. That is the extent of my knowledge.

IS the community splintering?:

When I first heard of hypwatch it was in a discussion talking about that very thing, but that wasn’t the only place people were asking about it. More than a few people seem to be coming to me to ask what is up. It could be that I was close to a lot of admins for a while so I seem like I might know things without being “one of them” I honestly am not sure. Here is my opinion on the matter.

If we want the community to splinter, if we allow drama and discord to rule our emotions and life, than yeah it is. But I do not think we want that, and despite unavoidable drama (because let’s face it we are human beings.) I think we all pretty much want things to keep going for the better. I get that we felt like a family over there on hypbook, and I get that this feels a lot like “I will take my ball and go home.” But I do not think that is what it is.

We are a rapidly growing community, we have multiple needs, and when sites like hypwatch pop up, run by mostly sane individuals, whom we know want the community to grow, not wither….it’s a good thing.

We are expanding our garden and growing more fruits from our labors. Life is not static, it is dynamic, and when things cease to change they cease to live. Everything evolves eventually, and this is just another part of that. Now we have one more site full of people, smart intelligent, ethical people who are willing to discuss this. When the newbies join we can help them learn about ethics, safety, consent, oh…what’s that other things……Hypnosis! The more educated we are the better off we will be, and now people have one more place to learn from and compare notes to.


These are my opinions. If you want your questions answered ask the admins, not people who might know something. Get your answers from the source and trust that, if they are not answering certain questions it is for the better. 

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The Wall

Apr 5 '16
Nope I see it too, looks like words...and last I checked you were a tech person too lmao
Apr 5 '16
Adding to list of things to look at
Apr 5 '16
Im techy but I presume that the tech people here could more readily point out where the error comes from xD The only thing I did different is that I posted the comment, copied the text, then deleted it because I accidentally posted it too quickly... Then I pasted it in a new comment, added more text and posted the comment. Maybe my copy-paste endeavor got a <br> tag along with it?Im techy but I presume that the tech people here could more readily point out where the error comes from xD The only thing I did different is that I posted the comment, copied the text, then deleted i...See more
Apr 5 '16
oh I also shift + enter'ed which enables me to make linebreaks....
Apr 5 '16
I'm not sure...I'll have to have our tech team look at it...I am not on that team as I would just be staring at it all like as in trance...wondering if it was some kind of foreign language, and slipping away into the nothing land....lol
Apr 5 '16
.... That... sounds fun! Damn! Why did I learn techy skills. I wanna trance too! x)
Apr 5 '16
Wow, that's some crazy markup to be sure -- I see a part of a br and then before the tag is completed, another tag starts -- and so the browser should ignore that, but at that point the parsing is going to be pretty messed up from there out.
Apr 5 '16
its pretty interesting, isnt it o_o
Apr 6 '16
From my phone the"see more" on Cat's comment isn't lit up purple, but it works when you tap it.
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