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The last thing in my head that I could remember was waking back home that day , for some reason my mother was too busy to come get me at the bus stop. I remember hearing something behind me and turning back. My mind was getting less and less foggy but yet I had no memory of where or how I got into the place I was now lying. Looking up I saw instead of a ceiling a dark purple cloth that seemed to be covering the top of the frame of a large bed. Looking right and left I could have better detail of the room that was in some very smooth light given by a crystal chandelier coming down in the middle of the room. The room was furnished by majestic ebony wood furniture that seem to be from another time. The chair and sofa were double with the same dark velvet that was covering the bed but also the window letting no light come in the room from the outside. I couldn’t tell if it was day or night. 

I sat up and felt my head begging to be dizzy and still foggy. By sitting up the blanket of the bed that was covering me slipped down my body reveling I wasn’t dress like I was in my memory. Who had undressed me and put me in this black silk night dress? Looking around the room I could see the doors: one on the wall facing the bed and one on my left. So I decided to stand up and walk to the door to my left. When my feet touch the ground, I realized that the floor was cover with a soft carpet. >>

I slowly stood up, my head being still dizzy from what ever drug or what ever was given to me, and started walking slowly toward the door holding myself to the wall when reaching the door. I tried turning the handle and the door was locked tight. Whoever my captor was he had no intention of letting me out that way. At the same moment, I heard a noise on my left. The door that was on the other side of the room a figure was standing in the door way. 

A tall man was leaning on the door frame his arms crossed on his chest looking at me. I had difficulty making out his face because the light of the other room was a lot stronger then the one in the room I was standing it. When my eye crossed his, he started walking toward me for some reason I walk back into the wall beside the bed. When hitting the wall I look back behind me for a second and when I turn my head toward him again he was standing a few centimetres from me making my whole body shiver in both fear and apprehension. >>

He put one of his hands on the wall behind me getting even closer to me. My heart almost skipped a beat when I felt his arm so close to my head. My eyes looked up to his face and our eyes cross and locked into a stare that seem like an eternity. I was about to say something when he put his finger on my lips like he knew what I was about to do the second it went through my thoughts. In a sweet ‘’chute’’ any word that had cross my mind mysteriously disappear from my mind. Then he suddenly had he stop my word his and caress my check down to my chin that he carefully take in his hand raising my head toward him. For some reason the only thing I could focus on was his eyes and the evil and satisfied smile on his face. The darkness of his eye completely fascinated me for a few seconds before I felt some sort of energy coming off his hand. For the first time, I was able to see some sort of glow around my face like a dark purple glowing fog starting to surround me. This strange fog started to enter me by my breathing and penetrate my skin. >>


The energy started to enter by a deep breath a took and then feeling it caress my skin to completely penetrate every exposed skin started to crawl inside me like a fever that made my skin uber sensitive and a certain low and certain arousal started to take possession of my body. And the more this fog entered me the more my mind started to feel his influence or whatever he was doing to me. My body was betraying me the arousal was not only making my mind weaker. 

A moment of conciseness I tried to push it off, push the arousal push the urge to obey but each wall , each door just got crushed and burned sending the feeling of a wave of pleasure each and every time one of them was removed. It felt also like someone new all the combination without even saying a word she was revealing all of them. >>

But then no more wall could be built and letting only though of submitting and obeying flow in my mind. The thought that I must obey started to play in my head. During this time I could feel his hand to caress my face that had become blank but sometime the sensation of arousal growing and growing in me. I couldn’t stop it my mind was getting more and more overwhelmed by the purple shroud of energy outside and inside my body. >>

My knee started to fall at the force of the pleasure that was building on my skin and all the intimate places the energy was now touching under the garment I was wearing. The hand of his that was on the wall went behind me to hold me against him. The arousal over took me and the obedience that went with it. He caressed my head slowly for some reason his smile was now tender and reassuring. I didn’t want to think about him kidnapping me or that I wasn’t here because I wanted to be but because I needed to be his. All my desire was to be his. I wanted him to take every last drop of my soul of my head and heart.  I just needed to obey him and be his. Completely his. I suddenly felt an orgasm build and build and with a word in my ear feeling my body explode in pleasure I didn’t even know I could feel. 

 In this second my mind accepted him as my Master I didn’t want anything else but to serve and obey him. I wanted him to take me and I just wanted his attention. I didn’t care about my past. I didn’t care anymore for my future. All that mattered was that I needed his energy, his powerful influence around me. From my head to my toes that all that was possessing me. After that powerful arousal he took me in his arms and brought me back to my bed lying down with me my head on his chest, him petting my head while I was breathing heavy not knowing what he had in store for me and I didn’t care anymore. >>

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The Wall

Nov 4 '16
Nov 4 '16
Lovely story indeed!
Nov 4 '16
been waiting a long time for you to write again
Nov 4 '16
i know been a wild
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