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Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

Welcome to my latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

Latest files

Loser Loop - $20

Mandatory brainwashing for all true losers this recording will make you weaker and more pathetic than you ever thought possible. You will become addicted to my soft voice as I explain how much I enjoy watching you sink lower for me and the pleasure you feel will be ovewhelming. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/3uuhszvp

Sissy Creampuff Part 2 - $35

This session continues the process of radical emasculation which began in the first file in this series and will turn you into the mincing lisping sissy creapuff you have always craved to become. This recording will strengthen your triggers leaving you trapped in a world of effeminacy and submission as well as introduce new triggers which will teach you all about your sissy sexuality. You will crave to find a man, and crave to suck his cock and the more effeminate you become then the more desperate you will be for sex with men. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/6b5tv9he

More Than Ever - $35

As fans will already know Mistress Clarissa’s soft sensual voice and crisp British accent make it easy to sink into trance and to take her words deep inside your mind whilst her insight and expert manipulation draws you towards complicity, greater power exchange and deeper pleasure. Once in trance Mistress Clarissa will deepen your infatuation and submissive love for her and use it to shape you and develop you further as her slave. She will focus your desire and love towards serving her, expressing your submission and worship and leave you craving to send her gifts and tributes. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/mt4396c9

Edge To The Darkness - $40

A dark and delicious hypnotic experience which will brainwash you to always crave the most degrading and humiliating treatment. Let my soft seductive voice take you deep down into trance where I will demolish you and turn you into something nasty and perverse by forcing you to edge to your own destruction. Your sexuality will be completely shattered and you will crave slavery and no longer have any choice at all what is done to you. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/3t2mndan

Goon and Send - $25

An exciting brainwashing file for all true paypigs designed to be listened to on loop until you are bankrupt. Let my soft voice whisper in your ear all day long, tempting you, using you and conditioning you to be my special piggy. Your addiction to financial domination will become stronger than you ever thought possible and it will bring you so much pleasure you just won't be able to stop. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2nxr4cwt

Sissy Creampuff Brainwashing Loop - $16

An exciting and powerful sissification file designed to brainwash you into becoming the biggest sissy you could possibly be. Listen on loop throughout the day and let Mistress Clarissa's soft seductive voice programme your mind and turn you into a mincing and lisping sissy creampuff. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/5y7ufe28

This Month's Special Offers

The following files will be reduced throughout the month of August.

Chastity Slave - $12.50

Half price for this month only!!! This file is focused on chastity, tease and denial and deepening arousal and submission towards producing slaves who genuinely serve Mistress Clarissa. It’s perfect for boys looking for a Hypnodomme to really serve. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/237cknuh

Twisted Addiction Trance - $15

40% off for this month only!!! A lovely dark experience which will encourage you to sink deeper into obsession and addiction than you ever thought possible. Fall in love as you listen to Mistress Clarissa's soft voice as she gently helps you to sink down into a life of tormented pleasure. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2p83w64w

Gay Panties - $20

One third off for this month only!!! An exciting and sexy file for all those sissies who are struggling to accept their true nature and sexuality. This powerful hypnotic recording will ensure that whenever you wear your pretty panties then all you will be able to think about is sex with men. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/4k4dvt4t

Sissy Series: Chaste - $7.50

Half price for this month only!!! This file is for all the sissies who truly want to serve, worship and obey their Mistress in ways that involve true sacrifice. This of course means no touching yourself unless granted express permission and so this recording will encourage you to stay chaste for your Mistress. Listening to the file will help to gently remove selfish tendencies and encourage sincere happy submission. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2ns6rbjt

Submissive Trance 4: Masochist - $15

Half price for this month only!!! This file is aimed at male submissives and slaves and intended as an aid to deepening submission, worship and the desire to serve, and to extend this specifically into the desire to suffer for Mistress Clarissa. It's a warm, pleasurable trance at the same time as being intensely focused on achieving real servitude and instilling masochistic tendencies. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/3d453ydt

Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission.

Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa


WARNING: Hypnotic language with Dominant themes.

You glance down at the paper on the passenger seat even before putting your car into park. You want to make sure you're in the right place. You need to know what's going on. You are afraid, confused, but intrigued. The front door looms before you.

You never do things like this. The paper was just in your pocket. When you pulled the paper out and saw the address scrawled on it, you couldn't contain the curiousity inside. You had jumped into your car hastily and immediately put the address into your GPS app.

Now you're here. And the door still beckons. You can't remember much of the drive, except for the occassional remind to slow yourself down. You try to stall and distract and rationalize yourself out of this situation. But something still pulls you in.

Realizing there is no fighting, you pull the handle to your car and stand up, exiting the vehicle. As you turn around to face the house, the magnetism is stronger than ever. Something is waiting for you inside. You just know it.

Your feet drag you across the grass of the lawn, ignoring the paved walkway. You glance down at the paper you now have in your hand. There is one more thing written on the paper. The moment you had read this word, your body had moved automatically.

Nothing else matters. Not a job. Not a life. Nothing but being here. And the final word on the paper. You knock on the door. The word sits on your tongue. It waits. It needs to be said. Needs to be moaned. Needs to be-

The door begins to move.

Behind the door, a woman stands before you. Her eyes sparkle with the intensity of every soul within heaven and hell, her lips are a deep red like the scalding hot pleasure rushing through you now, and her curves that compete with the marble figurines of Goddesses.

The word slips out of your lips.


You fall to your knees. You never wish to rise. You never wish to be anything more than the nothing that you feel like right now. Your mind craves to stare into those swirling, mesmerizing eyes and listen to words from those lips.


You can't stop repeating the word again and again in your mind. And you just need more. You need to let go of everything else and give everything to your One True Mistress.

You need to serve and obey and kneel and beg and belong to the One True Mistress.

Your mind shatters into a billion different pieces as you realize that you've fallen into a trap. That you had lost the moment you reached into your pocket. There is no way out now.

And that's just the way you like it.

RoseSpells Jul 21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7

Sometimes the thoughts just need to get out of my head and spoken out loud.

What others think of (me) it or maybe they think is not my coffee. For some a kink, for others just stupid thoughts, for others maybe a pressure and for others simply a desire to bring everything together. 

What is real, Isn't reality just a prison forced upon us as we get older? There is no difference between reality, a dream or a wish, it's all just an electrical impulse in our dispatch. Thus everything that we can imagine is real, absolutely everything. Be young again and break out of prison and create your own reality and if someone else can't see your reality then you know they are still locked in the prison of the crowd. Set free your unicorns! 

My PM and discord stays open, if you want capture me and my mind … …  


It will start here with some fine Triggers which can found deep in my mind. Maybe only a wish or just dreams to have or just able to use them.  


Trapped in a Desire– You are enter in one chosen desire and must expire it. That could be a Story or a Picture or a List of thing’s that will happen. There is no way out, no way to stop. It’s make a break, if you have important things to do, but returns immediately when your work is done. It ends when it ends, depends entirely on the story or experience.


Plug it – Its simple, you are Plugged-in and must wait to plugged-out. Absolutely not important if you want a Butt Plug or Ear Plugs or Nose Plugs or a mouth Plug called „Gag“ or maybe a Plug for your MuhMuh in future or any kind of Plug. You only have to describe the plug how it should look like or what functions it should have or what comes in your sin, how more precisely you describe it, how better it will work in you. And you will Plugged-In so long as you say/read/hear the “trigger” again. 


New Skin –Your whole body and skin will be covert in shiny Latex in your favourite color. Perfectly anatomically adapted to your body and has no openings to be able to take it off again. You are trapped in a kind of catsuit, but if you wear it too long, the suite will melt with every hour with your skin and will become your new skin. If that happens, you become the ability to appear every kind of Clothes or Toy’s your wish and wear it instantly on you new skin. You can change it or put a new layer over it. But if your sink turned into Latex you are not more able to turn your “Trigger” of. You must beg another person to let you free, she/he must say or write your “trigger” to you, only than your skin becomes again normal and the Latex disappears.     


Be a good Girl and … … -Do what you love and like or maybe not. ^^ It's a kind of universal "trigger" that you can use at any time. Whether you say it out loud, someone whispers it to you or you read it in a text message. Once you allow a specific person to use your "trigger," that person has control over that "trigger." You can only ever control the "triggers" that you have given yourself.

Whether it's just one or a whole list is up to you, but you'll automatically keep a list of what triggers you have as a good girl. And if you are a bad girl, you will lose the control over it and must beg a other person to stop your “Trigger” for you. Enjoy and have fun. 

And when you want, you can watch deeper, but that's not for everyone, how it feels like something's wrong and you just can't change it. So read on or just leave it, but don't judge anything.


May it become real, may my body swap or transform real, may only my imagination let me see it with no physical chance or may all together happens together. May its feel just real, doesn't matter if it feels right.


You willnow slowly sink into a deep trance state, deeper and deeper with every word and thought. Once you reach the bottom, you will begin your transformation and make your dreams a reality. You've always wanted it and now it's coming true, permanent and irreversible.

From now on, your body will regenerate, repair and heal itself completely on its own. Your cells regenerate and accelerate your healing process. So that you can enjoy a normal life again ... almost normal or better, a new normal life.

From now on, your body will also rejuvenate, as your whole body regenerates, it will also rejuvenate itself and look like it was around 20 again. But not like back then, this time you will look like you always wanted it and it felt. You will look like a young pretty girl for the rest of your life. There is only one way to get there.

From now on, your body increases and produces far more female hormones such as estrogen and lowers the production of testosterone to the bare minimum, which your body feminizes faster and faster.>>

From now on,your breasts will start growing every second. All your breast tissue will regenerate, your milk and endocrine glands will recover and your breasts will return to a beautiful shape as they were before the surgery. They grow, your breast cells work and divide faster and faster. You can feel them slightly warm and feel a slight tingle that feels so good knowing they are growing and regenerating. Faster and faster with every second, after one day you can already see a difference and your breasts are growing to a perfect B-cup size of your preference. Once they are the perfect size, growth stops automatically and stays that way. And your breasts produce estrogens from the very first second that support your transformation.

From now on,your hair cells on your head will regenerate and start growing. The densest, strongest hair begins to grow and you get a beautiful, magnificent mane of hair. Long, fast growing, healthy head hair.

From now on,all hair except your scalp hair, eyebrows and eyelashes will stop growing completely and fall out and disappear forever. No more beard, no more armpit hair, no more pubic hair and no more annoying body hair on your arms, legs or elsewhere. On the other hand, your scalp hair grows and regenerates faster.

From now on,your testicles and scrotum will completely retract into your body until you can no longer see or feel them. Your sack and testicles are permanently shifting back into your body.

From now on,your body will start growing a female sex organ inside you. It starts in you and grows from the inside out. Your body has saved the blueprints and will now call them up. It forms a uterine cavity, a uterine mouth, a G-spot, a vagina, a clitoral complex, and inner and outer labia and beautiful mounds of Venus. It will take 2-3 months, but you will inevitably turn into a beautiful shemale girl with a penis and a fully functional vagina that wants to be filled. Your advantage you can't get pregnant and you don't have any bleeding either, so it can be used 24/7.

Your bodywill now also grow by 10 cm and from now on you will not be able to weigh more than 70 kg. Your maximum body weight is 70 kg, your body can no longer store or store anything above that. You can eat as much as you want and what you want, you will not weigh more than 1 g over 70 kg naked. A beautiful female slim and healthy body with a penis and a wonderfully hole.

Your bodywill now also increase your semen amount should you come. You may no longer produce a few semen, but the amount of your sperm can easily fill 1-2 hands and always makes a nice mess.

From now on,your voice and language will become more and more feminine, with every word it will change permanently until it has reached exactly the voice you always wanted. The perfect voice to your perfect young female shemale body.

With every secondnow all these changes are already taking place in you and are irreversible. All this is irreversible, you are now inevitably turning into a wonderful shemale girl. And once your change and transformation is complete, you will find a bonus, you have now also become a shemale cat girl. Because, from this point on you will get your cat ears and your cat tail, which you can feel, move, touch and stroke. If that hasn't always been your dream, now it's real.

And last but not least, forget about your "trigger" he is called "sink down my cute little shemale Catgirl". With this “trigger” you can return to this deep trance state at any time and wait for commands to be entered. If no one speaks to you or you hear nothing, you will open your eyes and look around to see if there is a text in front of you to read or an image of what is about to happen to you as soon as you come out of your trance. But be careful who you give permission to say your "trigger". Because then you don't have any control about the things that someone other plant in your mind. You can only control your own Triggers!


And now it's time to come up slowly.As you slowly float back up, you can see a new floor appearing beneath you. Everything that you have now changed in you disappears under the new bouncy floor and is therefore now out of your reach. You can return to this place at any time, but the place has a new pretty bottom at the deepest point of your thoughts and mind from now on. And so you become more and more clear, feel all your senses return and become aware of your body again. Soar higher and higher and cross the border into consciousness. Very fresh and lively, full of energy you open your eyes and are happy like a fish in water or better, a catgirl in a latex catsuit in the water.


Dreams are real, forever *devil grin*

A very small grain of thought that grows into a jungle in my thoughts. 

So simple and harmless that it's already naughty again. 

I know unfortunately everything has a price to pay, whether it's a wish or magic you use or anything you buy. If the price isn't money, I'll be happy to pay it if I can. If you do me a favor, if I do you a favor, that's what the old coati used to say. 

Just a very harmless word that is actually a trigger, a trigger word that only I can use. 

A word that lets me sink into a very deep trance, which opens my eyes as soon as I'm in a trance. 

Then if there is a piece of paper or a file with a text in front of me, I have to read the text and by reading it, exactly what will happen, will come true, and what is written in the text will be implemented. 

Once that is done, the text is desorted or erased before I wake up from the trance with no memory of what I read or yelled down before. 

And as soon as I wake up again, I know that I was in a trance, but everything else remains a surprise. 

Automatically limited to a maximum of 24 hours for safety before whatever loses its effect. However, with a "Special Saveword" that has to be in the text and only I know about it, you can switch off this limit or set it to a specific time. With this saveword, which can neither be deleted nor forgotten, it is possible to reset and switch off everything that is not desired once a week. 

So it is also possible that I instruct myself that someone else can give me a task or a trigger. But I can end this myself at any time after 24 hours or at the latest after a week. 

Everything else is up to me and doesn't have to burden anyone else with it. But I can always share my fun with someone. 

If someone is interested, this can also be done very quietly and secretly. Just leave a guinea pig tattoo on my forearm with the trigger word and I'll know. 


Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

Welcome to my latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

Latest files

Mistress Mantra - $14

This is a loop for Mistress Clarissa's hypnotised slaves who love to be brainwashed to love, worship, serve, obey and please her more than ever. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/ujjhbhs8

Sissy Creampuff - $35

An exciting file for all true sissies who long to become the most effeminate prissy pansies possible. You are going to be completely emasculated and start living your life as the sissy fairy you were born to be. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2eftrt4y

Suck It For Me - $32

You will love listening to Mistress Clarissas crisp British accent and soft melodic voice as she effortlessly takes you down into trance and then uses her skill to train you to be her submissive chaste cocksucker . She will use your history as a sexual failure, your submission and your desire to please her to make you finally accept your need to suck cock for her. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/46v3956n

Women Hate You Loser - $35

A deeply humiliating hypnosis session for true losers who need to learn the painful truth. You are disgusting and women hate you. You are repulsive and I hate you too. I hate you as much as you love me. That's why we need to change your pathetic life to ensure that the only contact you have with women is paying them to humiliate you online. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2p92tnmh

Sissy Panty Loop - $12

A delightful sissy brainwashing loop aimed at beginners. This file will increase your desire to wear panties as often as possibly until you are wearing them every day. It will also encourage chastity and instil a compulsion to throw out all of your nasty male underwear. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2p83ur8v

Suck It For Me Loop - $18

This is a loop for fans of Mistress Clarissa’s hypnotic FemDom slut training, chastity and humiliation. You will love listening to Mistress Clarissas crisp British accent and soft melodic voice as her words loop throughout your days and dreams training you to be her submissive chaste cocksucker. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2tubp32b

This Month's Special Offers

The following files will be reduced throughout the month of July.

Consequences - $24

20% off for July only! This file offers a deep level of submissive psychological pleasure and control. As you listen to the process Mistress Clarissa describes, you will sink into a deep receptive trance and recognise the journey she has led you on. You will recognise the pleasure you have experienced in her deepening your submission and the weakness, need, addiction and longing to serve and to suffer for her that you have felt. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/fkx8c4yv

Slave Focus Loop - $8

Less than half price for July only! This loop builds upon the hypnotic training contained within the 'Slave Focus File'. Mistress Clarissa will effortlessly relax you and reach inside your mind. Her soft melodic voice and crisp British accent are simply so pleasurable to listen to, it's all too easy to fall under her spell. She will give focus to your submissive desire, deepen your addiction to her control and your obsessive need to please her by laying out the ways you can serve her. She will refocus your submission and give you renewed energy to serve her. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/27ek3ny4

A Sissy's Greatest Sacrifice - $12.50

Half price for July only! Being a sissy requires making sacrifices. I know that you understand that. One of those sacrifices is the ability to make love as a hetero-sexual man. This idea can also be quite scary for delicate sissies so this file is designed to help you. Not only will you never be able to make love to a woman for the rest of your life after listening to this file, but you will feel a great sense of joy that this has been achieved. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/33rwu5vw

Twisted Sissy Loop - $15

40% off for July only! This brainwashing loop is designed to reinforce all of the exciting changes in our recent Twisted Sissy file and help you to embrace your life as a sexual failure who craves constant humiliation. Listen on loop as you go about your day, or as you sleep at night, and immerse yourself in your twisted desires as you enter an addictive downward spiral with no escape. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/4edabw5s

Piggy ATM - $20

One third off for July only! This file is suitable for new and experienced pay pigs seeking a real Mistress to serve financially and be humiliated by. Mistress Clarissa will use her hypnotic skills to take you further on your piggy journey in this file than ever before. She will encourage you to accept your pathetic weak piggy nature, your need to be humiliated and degraded by her and train you to to love being her special piggy, her piggy ATM. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/5fcjkux5

Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission.

Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa


Now I can't answer that question, but what I would do to myself if I could be in a deep trance. 

I'll leave it open whether it can actually be applied or implemented or only experienced as a fantasy, I know very well that a lot is possible whether physically or mentally that you can change or manipulate or program. So I don't want to tinker much in the body, except for the "one".

First of all, I would turn off my histamine hypersensitivity, which would massively increase my quality of life and would no longer have to struggle with allergic reactions. That rob you of a lot of strength.

Second, that my body repairs everything it can on its own. Me and my body have a long history, but it could repair quite a few things if it weren't so worn out.

Then there would be a few more positive thoughts, the last few years have used too much energy and it's just a daily struggle, whether mental, physical or financial.

And then, of course, the finer things in life... 

I would start with a transformation into a cat girl or at least with cat ears and a cat tail and maybe small breasts that can also grow "real" to the size. I'll leave it open whether it will only be a male cat girl or a hermaphrodite cat girl. Permanently, of course.

After that would come some triggers and would put in a key that I can allow others to use as well. There has to be some fun involved. 

What can I imagine? More than is good for me.

Latex - The whole body is wrapped in a shiny catsuit, like all the skin has turned into latex and you can't take it off. A shiny black or pink skin to be draped in.

Plug – That would be interesting too. A kind of living plug in the bottom that you can not remove and you can control at will. Inflatable, vibrating, pulsating, moving, gentle e-stimulation or it can come. *grin*

Gag - You could use the same as with the plug with a special taste or that he tries to grow in depth.

Push the button - Yes, would also have its appeal in the way of coming or getting a wet spot on your pants in the middle of the street just because you heard/read a word.


Definitely a dark-desire trigger to invite a tentacle girl in and I'll leave the rest to your dirty imagination. Whereby one could expand the whole thing here, that it is a question of a specific desire for choice, but that one then has to pay for it in every move before it is over.

What else could I think of?

Something like smell or taste manipulation to make the strawberries taste like bananas.

And even if it sounds funny, but something in the way of coercion or remote control. 

How you use it is another question than whether you're just a trapped passenger or only see it in a photo afterwards. Of course, it also has a dirty connection, but I'm thinking, for example, of the fact that I can work around certain things.

I have no problem being led through a crowd naked by a collar, I would do it in a heartbeat.

But if I'm supposed to approach a woman in a bar, I prefer the other scenario with a total stranger.

So not everything has just a kinky background.

Merging - That something is connected to the body and you can't take it off or take it off for a period of time or get permission. Whether that's the gag, the socks or the pink hair bow, I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Something like an inflatable bondage bag or a vacuum bed would also be interesting but could also be covered with the trigger higher up.

Everything else is just a game or could be implemented with the already mentioned. I am more than 90% submissive in nature, a bit Maso in a few areas, although I have a high pain limit due to my previous history and then usually drift into a sub-space, which is also a kind of hypnotic state. And I have this sadistic girl in my head, where like me, she is not dominant, we only provide the ideas, someone else has to apply them. ^^


will continue when the list is programmed and usable ... ... ...


Just snap your fingers and anything is possible...

I wish it was that easy for me to just dive deep.>>

What you then do is another matter, whether you want to change/improve something, just want to have fun or that others enjoy it when I have no influence. >>

Since I am not a Tist and have no interest in becoming one, it is of course not that easy to describe or understand it. Even if you deal with it, you don't get certain knowledge because nobody tells you or is behind a paywall and then you also need practice. So I can only draw on what I've been able to acquire.>>


To Relax, focus, drift away is no problem. A few levels down it goes with levitation, freezing, merging or insensitivity then is ny limit. But no further until then. 

Whatever you call it, threshold, door, stair or barrier is impenetrable no matter how many times I tryed, I always get stuck in the same spot and lose flow and like a bungee cord it pulls you back into consciousness.>>

Imagining it, well, imagining it is not the problem. I can imagine everything down to the smallest detail and I can describe it and make instructions for it, but I can't create a picture of it, neither can I draw characters or imagine a picture with my eyes closed. 

A bug in the system so to speak.>>

A short digression to explain...>>

If I didn't know the other side or how to say … backside or rather the backyard and have already entered it several times, I would resign myself to the fact that I can't go deeper into a trance. So very briefly explained, if trance or the deepest trance state comes before sleep and dream state, then the lucide or awakedream comes at the very end before one is consciously awake again. 

Things have haunted me since I was 7 years old, at least that's the first one I can remember and the feeling of not being able to wake up hasn't changed in the at least 30 consciously witnessed. It only becomes disturbing when you get into certain situations where you feel everything physically. 

Apart from that, I call them always the same "identity", because it was always the same identical woman/girl, but their appearance always looked different. Which then steered me into these situations. She's the catgirl in my head who flicks a few switches every now and then.>>

So if on the one hand the trance is before sleep, then the lucid state is the last piece of sleep before you wake up and then sometimes take a quick step through the trance and are consciously awake.>>

On the other hand, there is the automated behavior, i.e. the famous 5 minutes that you can’t remember and have no idea how you got from A to B. Here you are also in a trance state without noticing it. 

I also know it well, from driving a car, when you always drive the same route for 10 years and that always happens on the same section and 5 minutes are missing.>>


So I consciously get to the door, subconsciously through the room and out again at the exit, whereby I can then theoretically experience a positive or negative suggestion before I am fully consciously awake again. Fuck that's complicated to explain.>>

In short, I can't go into a deep trance, only someone (and I think I know who) had stole my key to the door.

So I just need a Key Master and the right key to open the door to cross the threshold where then the deeper it goes, everything becomes possible without consciousness. 

Whether someone is having fun or I'm a minor matter afterwards, I just want the door open or the key to open it.>>

I said snapping your fingers would be easier, but everything has to be complicated.>>

You're welcome to kick down the door, so I don't need it if there's interest. ^^

Even without me noticing. *evil grin*>>

I hope my thoughts are translated in an understandable way, but if someone has already opened the door, switch on the "second mother tongue English - writing - reading - speaking and understanding". Then it will be easier to write a text in the future. *wink*>>

will continue when the door is open ... ... ... 

Oliver Jul 2 · Tags: #hypnosis, #thoughts

When I started doing erotic hypnosis, I approached it in much the same way some men approach sex--I want to do as much as I can with as many different partners as I can so that I can experience every reaction, every nuance, every possible aspect of hypnosis that I can. I learned a lot from this, had many successes and a few failures, and made some great friends along the way. But in some ways these relationships were self-limiting. I would run a subject through my repertoire, maybe explore a few new things based on her ideas and fantasies, then I would be off to find my next inspiration.

A couple of years ago, something changed. I found my first long term subject. Things started in the usual way with a few tricks, a few fantasies, but there were some differences. First, I found that she was the most easily tranceable subject I'd ever met. I could use any induction on her and it would work. Second, she has grown to trust me implicitly, and I, in turn, have learned where her comfort level is so that I do nothing to jeopardize that trust. Third, she has real life issues that she needs help with, and my hypnosis is helping her with those.

As things progressed, I found that the usual inductions weren't even required anymore. A change in the tone of my voice or a touch of my hand are all she needs to drop deep into a trance. Triggers can be refreshed with a word rather than a full session, and they last indefinitely. Best of all, I KNOW her. I know her mind like it is my own, so I can play in it, soothe it, stimulate it, heal it or simply turn it off for awhile depending on what she needs, and all this is possible with just a few words and touches. It is truly amazing and it is the "Next level" I had been fruitlessly searching for all this time.

I am thankful for all the things I've learned on my journey and I'm sure I still have much more to learn, but I am very grateful to have discovered this aspect of hypnosis that I didn't realize existed.






rybcheg Jun 7 · Tags: sissy hypno
For me…

Those words ring through my mind, like bells echoing in the morning air. 

For him? I would do anything for him. I would give him my heart, surrender my mind, sacrifice my innermost desires. 

When he says those words, my heart leaps and a blanket of warmth wraps around it. My eyes flood over with a blue haze, one that almost blinds me. I normally need to be aware of myself and my thoughts at all times; with him, I allow myself to rest. I trust him. I give him all of me, including my defenses.

There is a rumble to his voice that shakes my soul and leaves my legs like jello. It sends a shock through my system with every word he utters. His voice, oh my god, his voice. It’s like every good memory that I have within my mind is being relived when he speaks. My mouth waters for more of what only he can give me. His eyes pierce into my mind and I feel my own begin to swirl and spiral in response.

RoseSpells Jun 4 · Comments: 5

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So all this time I thought this site was called hypnowacth for some reason
Nights May 8
Part 12 of 12

Hello all, welcome back. We are doing another round of discussing techniques. This round brings an extra warning that these techniques should not be used lightly. While these technique can be very useful, they need to be applied carefully, more so than some of the others we have discussed. These techniques can cause problems if not applied without considering the full effects of them and making sure that the subject is also aware of them. And as always, this is based on my experience and opinions. If you have any questions or have topics you’d like to see me discuss, please let me know.
The 1st technique is numbing. As you would expect, this is a technique mainly used for pain management. The important disclaimer here is like with pain medicines, the removal of the pain does not remove the source. So even if feeling better, the subject needs to be careful not to injure their self further. For hypnotists, I recommend not doing this without a doctor’s written consent. Especially where powerful pain medicines run the risk of addiction, most doctors aren’t going to object to a non addictive option. Getting it in writing gives you proof that the subject has spoke to a doctor and it helps prevent lawsuits incase the subject injures their self further while under the effect.
With all of that out of the way, the process is not that hard. The 1st step is to create a slight numbing sensation in the subject. The feeling of your hand starting to fall asleep is an easy way to do this. So while in trance, have the subject raise their hand and hold it out. Then start to draw their attention to how their hand is starting to feel different, and then move on to suggest that slight numb feeling of your hand starting to fall asleep. Once you have that sensation, suggest that the sensation is going to start to move. I normally have it go to a foot. As it does suggest that the sensation will double and while it transfers the hand will lower down so that it is resting comfortably when fully transferred. Then repeat the process again. I normally go to the other hand having it raise up as the transfer takes place. Then again to the other foot. And then back to the original hand. At this point you can transfer the numbing sensation to where it is needed, doubling one more time for good measure. With this method, the sensation that started as small has been transferred and doubled 5 time, which means that it is 32 times stronger (give or take for human error) than when it started. If you find that the subject needs more than that, a couple more transfers take this over 100 times the original and even a slight numbing should be fully blocking at this point.
Next are post hypnotic triggers. Most commonly just called triggers. This is one of the most common techniques used in hypnosis. I am including this in the group of other techniques that I feel need a special warning because not all triggers are made equally, and poorly worded triggers can have unexpected consequences. For example, I have heard of a story where someone tried to help someone else lose weight, but worded the trigger in a way where the subject ended up unable to eat at all because it make them nauseous. For this reason, triggers should almost always be set with limits to prevent them from happening by accident. Common limits would be set as something like, “when you are somewhere safe”, “when in an appropriate setting”, or “when at home“. Adding those into the trigger means they won’t happen all the time and will help keep the subject safe.
Triggers work very much like if/then logic in computer programming. The subject is told when X happens, do Y. On the topic of pain management, a specific type is migraines. I have used a trigger (among other steps) to redirect the effects of a migraine into a pinky twitch. This way the person can know they are experiencing one and take the steps needed to handle it, but not have to deal with the pain of it. If a subject and hypnotist are going to be working together a lot, the hypnotist may set a phrase to put the subject back into trance quickly. It is also possible to set triggers to help deal with the symptoms of an issue while working on the source. For example, if someone bites at their nails, the desire to bite their nails can be a trigger to pull at their watch band. This helps stop the issue while the hypnotist works to get rid of the desire. 
Triggers can also be linked together. Continuing the example, nail biting is normally a symptom of anxiety. A trigger could then be set that when the subject pulls on their watch band, they feel a sense of calm come over them. The triggers can also be used to create a circular effect, where one triggers a 2nd, which triggers the 1st. Rounding out this example, a trigger could be set that when the subject feels calm, they will feel more confident in their self and when they feel confident in their self, they will feel calm. So when the subject gets anxious and try to bite their nails, they will pull their watch band which will calm them. As they calm down, they will feel confident. As they feel confident, they will feel more calm. This is where people and computers differ. A computer would get stuck in an infinite loop and lock up. A person will get tired of doing the triggers and stop after a while, until the next time they try to bite their nails.
Creating or modifying memory is the last technique for today. For better or worse, our memories make us who we are. A trained therapist can certainly use hypnosis to help someone dealing with issues see their memories in a new light and maybe better deal with their negative experiences. And while the subjects mind will try to protect the subject from harm, modifying or creating memories should be done only after very careful consideration to what the repercussions could be. This also walks a fine line that the subject should be 100% on board with the changes but it is normally best not to give them the specific details of the changes to limit their mind from questioning what was there before.
Once the hypnotist is at the point of doing this process, here are things that should be taken into consideration:
Focus on what the subject should remember, not what they shouldn't
Give a lot of detail, even if the subject doesn’t remember it all.
Give a lot of detail in the subject’s primary sense. 
Tell the subject to remember it. 
Once you have went through it once, go over the details again. As you do tell the subject to focus on each one.
Then tell the subject to take a moment to make it a part of them self and let you know when it is done. Their response can be verbal or non verbal to confirm this, whatever was set up earlier in the session.
After this is done, it can lead to some funny moments especially if you set a trigger to allow and disallow access to the knowledge. On a fun session I did with someone, I set a trigger to block and unblock a memory from them. In one broken exchange they would go from confidently knowing it to having no clue what I was talking about with just a couple words from me. Amusingly, they didn’t even notice the change was happening moment to moment. And for those of you worried, I did undo the trigger when done.
That brings us to the end of another discussion. If you have any questions or suggestions for things you would like to see me cover in the future, please let me know.

DrakeG Apr 29
Part 11 of 12

Welcome back. Today we continue our discussion on hypnosis techniques. We are going to take a step back and look at some more basics techniques, the hypnotic voice, calibration, and safety. If you have any topics that you would like to see me cover in the future, please let me know. As always, this is based on my opinion and experiences. 
The hypnotic voice is a common part of hypnosis, and becomes 2nd nature to the hypnotist as they use it. If you have ever worked customer service then you probably developed a specific way of speaking to the customers. Normally this voice will be a slightly higher pitch and speak a bit louder to give the impression of cheerfulness. The hypnotic voice is similar but in the other direction. Normally the hypnotic voice will be a bit lower pitch, speak a little quieter, and speak slower. There are a few reasons for this change in speaking patterning. First, it is a detonation that something has changed. If it is the first time that this hypnotist and subject have worked together or they have only worked together a few times, it is different from the normal conversational voice and helps the mind separate “awake” from trance. On the other hand, if the subject and hypnotist have a history of working together, this voices primes them and will start to pull them into a trance since they are expecting it. Second, by speaking in a deeper voice and quieter, it lets the hypnotists voice carry but makes them sound farther away. When combined with speaking slower, it can create an effect similar to what happens when someone is trying to listen while falling asleep. Finally, speaking slower also helps because the mind takes a bit longer to process external information while in a trance.
Next up, lets discuss calibration. There are signs that someone is in a trance or going into one. For the hypnotist to make use of these signs the 1st thing the hypnotist needs to do is calibrate to the subject. This means taking a baseline of the subject. Notice how they hold them self. How open do they keep their eyes, what does their mouth look like when not speaking, and even the color and tone of their skin. This is normally handled during the pretalk and without discussing it with the subject as drawling their attention to these things may alter them. This is also useful for building rapport. People tend to like things similar to them self. If while calibrating the hypnotist can start to reflect the things they see back, it will help build a rapport. Once calibrated and the hypnosis starts, the hypnotist can start to watch for the signs of trance. Eyes are likely to start trying to close, a more relaxed posture, mouth will open slightly, the face and neck may flush, and even a slight rash can start to appear. The rash is nothing to worry about as it will fade as the subject comes out of trance.
Finally, there is safety. While going into and in a trance, the hypnotist needs to be mindful for the subject’s safety. It is recommended to suggest that they will be able to maintain their balance and position to prevent the subject from falling or sliding out of their seat. It is also recommended that they will able able to adjust themselves to a more comfortable position if needed. This helps prevent arms and legs from going numb. The hypnotist should also avoid trying to solve problems they are not qualified to solve. For example, if the hypnotist is not also a therapist, they should not attempt to assist with depression. The hypnotist should continue to calibrate with the subject while they are in trance so that they can see if any stress or distress start to appear. 
Thank you all for joining me again. If you have anything you would like to discuss with me or want to schedule a session please let me know.

DrakeG Apr 28
Part 10 of 12

Welcome back, today we are going to be doing our 1st discussion on hypnosis techniques. As always, this is based on my experience and opinions. If you have questions, comments, or things you would like to see me discuss please let me know.
A popular one to discuss and that we have touched on before is fractionation. The idea is that every time someone is hypnotized, the next time they go under a little easier and go a bit deeper. This was originally noticed with subjects coming in for weekly sessions. Someone then thought, would this work if you hypnotized the person again before the week was up? What if you only waited a day? What if you did it later in the same day? What about as soon as you wake them? The answer to all of them is yes it works. You don’t actually even need to bring the person out of a trance to hypnotize them again and make them go deeper. It is good form to make sure that there is a distinct break for the subject between being in a trance and being awake. Something like a clap, snap, or something similar to denote the change. This is because if you don’t, the subject is more likely to come out of trance disoriented and confused. 
On the other hand that disorientation can be used. If the hypnotist wakes the subject, puts them back under, and repeats this process 4 or 5 times in quick succession it can confuse the subjects mind so that they are not sure if they are in a trance or not. This process is used often in recreational hypnosis as the feeling of being light, floaty and in a dream like state. 
Pattern Interrupts are an interesting technique. The idea is that there are certain things that we do subconsciously the same way every time. When it gets to the point that you perform the action without thinking it means that your subconscious has built a pattern for it. If something interrupts the pattern, your subconscious hangs for a moment. During that moment it is possible to drop someone into a trance. 
For example, in the western world shaking hands is a pattern for almost everyone. To the point that if you randomly hold your hand out to a person, they instinctively will reach out to shake your hand. This can be used to a hypnotist’s advantage. The process works like this:
The hypnotist holds their hand out.
The subject reaches their hand out to shake the hypnotist’s hand.
The hypnotist pulls their hand out of the way.
At the same time the hypnotist uses their other hand to lightly grab the outside of the subject’s hand.
The hypnotist pulls the subjects hand up towards the subjects face, palm towards the subject.
The hypnotist, while using their hypno voice,  directs the subject’s attention to a point on the subjects hand.
At the same time the hypnotist continues to move the subjects hand toward their face.
As the subject’s hand gets to their face, the hypnotist tells the subject to sleep.
This should get the subject into a trance that can then be deepened. This general process can be applied to other patterns that our brain has.
For the last technique today, let’s discuss catalepsy. So as I have mentioned before, there is the Clark Hall quote, “What assumes trance causes trance.” This means that if there is some effect you would normally only get from someone in a trance, if you can create that effect it will cause a trance. The easiest example of this is catalepsy or having a limb be able to unconsciously support it’s own weight. So normally you would put someone into a trance and then as a way to later prove the subject was in a trance, suggest that they can’t move their legs, can’t open their eyes, or that their arm will float in place. So to put this into play, if you can make it so one of those things happens it is an easy transition into a trance. The 2 easiest are eye and arm. For eye, if the subject closes their eyes and then acts like they are trying to open them repeatedly (should look like they are moving their eye brows up and down) while keeping their eyes closed the muscles around the eyelids will quickly tire out. At this point the person will actually have issues opening their eyes.
For arm catalepsy, have the subject:
Close their eyes.
Lightly grip their wrist with your thumb and forefinger. Just enough to apply pressure but not enough to keep a grip.
Slowly lift the subjects forearm.
It should be high enough it is not resting on anything and you can touch the underside with your other hand.
It should not be above their heart to where it will start to lessen blood flow.
Use your other hand to lightly tap in different spots all around their forearm. Use a mix of top and bottom mostly.
From your taps, you should start to feel a bit of rigidness from their arm.
Remove your “grip” on their wrist.
Have them open their eyes to see their arm floating.
That brings us to the end of this discussion on techniques. If there are any other techniques or topics you’d like me to cover, please let me know.

DrakeG Apr 25 · Comments: 1
Part 9 of 12

Hello again, today we are going to discuss the benefits of hypnosis. This is by no means an exclusive list, but we will discuss some of the more common uses. As always this is based on my experience and opinions. If you have any questions, comments, or things you would like me to discuss in the future feel free to let me know via the Contact page.
So as we have touched on before, hypnosis has many benefits. It can be used for relaxation, pain management, weight management,  and entertainment among other things. It is a really versatile tool since it can help adjust how a mind processes the information around it. Starting with the simplest use, relaxation. Even if relaxation is not the goal of hypnosis session, most of the time hypnosis leads to a very relaxed state. This is because most of the time, the subject will be sitting or laying down, probably have their eyes closed, and their focus is only on the hypnotist who is not going to be asking them to do anything complex. So you get someone who doesn’t need to think about what’s going on, sitting or laying down with their eyes closed, it is easy to see how relaxing that can be and how the subject could look to be asleep. Then once in a trance, the hypnotist can draw the subconscious mind to how good that relaxation feels. And once it focuses on that feeling, that feeling can be manipulated. By which I mean, hypnosis can be used to lessen, increase or change a sensation. If the subject is already really familiar with the sensation it can be spontaneously generated. That being said, it is more reliable to create a small version of the sensation and then make it more powerful.
Pain management works under a similar idea to relaxation. So as mentioned before, the human mind is not good with negatives, and some words can generate an effect just from saying them. This is where pain management differs from relaxation. If the hypnotist says that the subjects doesn’t feel pain, this will likely cause the subject pain. Even if the hypnotist says you will feel the pain reduce, just saying pain could increase it or cause a new one. So when discussing pain the hypnotist should use another word like discomfort. And since the hypnotist is trying to avoid calling attention to the pain, this should be tackled a different way. If the hypnotist can create a small numb sensation, they can increase it. And then once it is strong enough, direct the numb sensation to where the pain is to cancel it out. So that just leaves us with creating a small numb sensation. This is easy enough to create by having the subject raise their hand up just enough so that it starts to go to sleep. This combines both methods of creating a sensation since the hypnotist is physically causing it and is calling on the memories everyone has of their limbs feeling like pins and needles. It is important to note, that the subject does need to be mindful of what they do after receiving pain management hypnosis. Pain is a way that the body tells you something is wrong. Numbing the pain does not fix the root issue, so it could lead to the subject exacerbating the issue if they are not careful. This is why I require a sign off from a doctor before I will do pain management with a subject.
Behavior change is kind of a wide topic. This could be help quitting smoking, nail biting, procrastinating, or it could be more positive things like help study more, clean more regularly, or keep with a work out program. The important part of all of these is that for any of these changes to be lasting, the subject must be able to convincingly say, “I need to change now.” This has them accept that a change needs to happen, they are what needs to change, and it needs to happen now. The definition of of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So if the subject wants to change a behavior, they can’t keep doing what they are doing and expect the behavior to change. The only thing that we can control is ourselves. So even in a situation where other people are causing a problem, you have to change yourself to fix the problem. This could being willing to talk with the other person, refusing to deal with them anymore or something else all together. But the change needs to come from yourself. The change needs to be now. If the person is willing to put off changing, then they are not actually ready for change. 
For example, over the last few months I have had intermittent internet issues. I have a degree in computer networking and use to work tech support. I hate calling tech support with a passion. So despite the issues I was willing to deal with them for weeks before I decided I had tried every option open to me, and contacted them. They tried a couple things and asked me to let them know if the problem continued. When the problem showed back up the next day, it took me another week or two to be willing to call them again. More steps tried, which lessened the issues but caused some different ones as well. It again took me another few weeks before I was willing to call them again. So just this last week, they got a tech out to my house and the problem was a combination of their hardware and some settings in their system. So this is a problem I could not fix without them, but I was willing to deal with the problems it was causing me to not have to talk to tech support. So until I was ready to say this has to change, nothing could be fixed.
Weight management is an interesting issue to handle with hypnosis. Hypnosis is not going to have someone drop 20 pounds overnight, but it can help subjects reach their goal. It is also worth noting, I am saying management not loss for two reasons. One is that if you say that you lost something, the mind assumes you are going to try to get it back. So it is best to avoid that line of thought. The other is that, while many want to lose weight, the same processes can also be used to help someone who struggles to gain weight. Part of the process is behavioral changes. It is common knowledge what foods are healthy, which are not, and that exercise can help with weight loss. Using hypnosis can help guide subjects to choose the healthier foods, eat healthier portions, avoid the unhealthy foods, and exercise on a regular basis. As a note for hypnotists, it is important to leave these suggestions vague unless you have some type of training or certification for dietary or fitness. I normally include in the suggestion that the subject should talk to a doctor or other similar professional about getting a list of foods and exercises that are right for them. This keeps me who is not a health professional from suggesting something that is ineffective or maybe harmful. Also if a subject is coming in for weight issues, they probably are going to have self esteem issues. They are likely to be uncomfortable with their body which in turn effects their mood, which can have big affects on their life. Reinforcing the subjects self esteem can then build motivation to do more. Finally, just as it is possible to adjust sensations, it is possible to suggest to the subconscious that it is ready to speed up the metabolism and stop storing excess fat (or slow and start storing more if trying to gain). Since your subconscious controls all of your bodies automatic processes, they can be adjusted slightly. When all of these steps are combined it can create great results.
Entertainment is a less often discussed aspect of hypnosis. The most common would be stage hypnosis, where like a magic act, it is being used to create a show. That is not the only way that it can be used though. Again since sensations can be manipulated, it is possible to create fantasy scenarios for the subject. You can create the experience of relaxing at a beach, riding a roller coaster, or a mountain hike. For a Christmas present, I created a scenario for a friend where they got about 30 minutes in their favorite video game. They felt like they were really there in the action, almost like a lucid dream. And on that note, lucid dreaming is possible to induce via hypnosis. The far end of using hypnosis for entertainment is that it is possible to use it sexually. While I am going to keep this blog mostly family friendly, based on what we have discussed today about sensation modification and behavioral changes, it should not be hard to guess how this can be applied to sexual situations. On that note, I will leave you all for another week. Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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Part 8 of 12

Here we are at the last part of this series. Today we will be discussing waking and aftercare. As always, this is based on my experience and opinions.
Now that changes have been made, the hypnotist needs to wake the subject up. As with most other parts of hypnosis, there are other names. Some call it emerging the subject because they are not really asleep. Personally I go with waking since most people relate hypnosis to sleep and it can help to play upon that popular perception.
Regardless of what you call it, right before the hypnotist starts, it can be useful to go over the suggestions made during the session. As discussed last time, repetition helps with retention so one last time before waking can bring it full circle. Then, the hypnotist gives suggestions about how the subject can come out of the trance. They can suggest that, as the person wakes, the suggestions become a permanent part of the subject. The hypnotist should also suggest that when the subject awakes, they will be fully aware and feeling great. This is important as coming out of trance can cause disorientation or headaches.
The hypnotist then suggests the person can bring their self out or guide them out. If they are bringing their self out, the suggestion would be something like, “When you are ready, you will find you are wide awake.” If the hypnotist is guiding them, then it is useful to give them something sequential. Counting to 3, 5 or 10 is common, letting the subject know that with each number they will awake a little more. When guiding the subject, it also is useful for the hypnotist to start to transition from the hypnotic voice (normally a lower and slower way of speaking) back to their normal voice. Then, when they get to the point where the subject is wake, give some denotation to separate the trance from being awake like a snap or clap. I also will say wide awake now as I snap. 
Now that the subject is awake, the hypnotist should talk with the person for the next five to ten minutes. Don’t discuss the suggestions, or show any doubt that it worked. It is possible that for those first few minutes that the person is still susceptible to suggestions, so if the hypnotist or someone else that they respect questions the process it can cause the subject to doubt it and undo the work that was just done. The closest the subject should come to discussing the changes that were made is to tell the subject how well they did or that they are a good subject. This builds their confidence and can reinforce the changes that were made. The worse case scenario if the hypnotist uses this method is that the person wasn’t susceptible during those few minutes and nothing changed.
With that we are at the end of the hypnosis process. Next time we will move on to discussing other aspects of hypnosis.

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Part 7 of 12

Part seven and we are getting towards the end. Today we will discuss deepening a trance and actually providing suggestions during a trance. As always, this is based on my experience and opinions.
While there are a lot of places out there that propose scales for measuring exactly how deep someone is into a trance, I am of the opinion that it isn’t needed as they just distract the hypnotist from what they are doing. Different people react differently to being in a trance and what the hypnotist suggests can vastly change how the subject reacts. So while not all trances are created equal, if the subject is deep enough to allow the changes to be made they are deep enough. It doesn’t matter what level some scale says the subject is at.
Now as a general rule the deeper a trance, the more access the hypnotist will have to the subject’s subconscious and the harder it will be for the subject to physically react. That being said, if the hypnotist suggests the subject can move like they were not in a trance while staying in one, the subject will be able to move around more or less normally. It is even possible to get someone in trance to hold a conversation.
Unless the subject has a lot of experience going into a trance, it is likely that they are only going to go into a light trance. A light trance is more easily disrupted, especially if the hypnotist does something that tries to use too much of the subject’s conscious mind. For example, moving, speaking, or asking questions that requires the use of logic. To get around this, a hypnotist can use deepening to get the person deeper into a trance. 
There are two categories for deepening a trance. The first is just telling the person to go deeper. Simply saying the word deeper, especially while wrapping up the induction can cause the subject to deepen a trance. It is also possible to give a scenario that causes them to think they are moving deeper, like walking down a set of stairs. In that case you can deepen the trance without saying deeper, or the hypnotist can use the word deeper as a descriptor while talking about going down the stairs.
The second method works around the concept that each time a person is hypnotized, they are more easily hypnotized and go deeper the next time. An early hypnotist noticed this with people he was working with on a weekly basis. Another hypnotist then wondered, do you have to wait a week between sessions to get this effect? Would it work the next day? What if you didn’t wait at all? The answer is you don’t have to wait. If someone is put into trance, brought out of it, and then immediately put back into a trance they will go quicker and deeper. This is called fractionation. This can be taken a step farther. If you use an induction on a person already in a trance, it will deepen the trance.
So once the subject is in a deep enough trance, what next? Obviously this is going to be dependent on what was discussed in the pretalk, but there are some important points to keep in mind. First and foremost, the hypnotist should use positive language. The subconscious mind does not deal well with negatives. Our minds handle negatives by first finding the thing and then negating it, but while in a trance the negation may not happen and the subject will just experience the opposite effect. For an example of how this works, take the following statement: Don’t think about a cat. Most people will now be thinking about a cat, because your mind must first find the information and then negate it. And just as it can be hard to stop thinking about a cat once told to not think about them, trance amplifies this effect.
Next, be careful working with memories. Human memory is a unreliable thing that people rarely question. If you’re looking through reports about witness testimony after a crime or accident, you will quickly find that witnesses will often give different and sometimes contradictory statements. This is because, as I have said before, your mind lies to you. It only sees a small part of the world and guesses to fill in the details. On top of that, every time you remember something there is a chance that the details will change. So the more often you remember it, the more likely it is that something has changed without you noticing it. This is especially true while in trance. It is also possible to create entirely new memories. The subconscious has trouble differentiating a story from fact. This is why you can have a dream that feels so real, but once you wake up and think about it, you notice there are things that made no sense that you simply accepted as normal. 
Years ago there were a bunch of stories of people being hypnotized to recover suppressed memories which led to lawsuits for abuse. Most of these cases were thrown out because it turned out the events never happened. It is possible to use hypnosis to recover “forgotten” memories, it has to be done extremely carefully to make sure not to make changes. For example, even just asking, “was there anyone with you?”, can cause the person to assume there should be someone and add them to the memory.
I said “forgotten” memories earlier, because when it comes to long term memory we don’t normally forget anything. Our memories are not like a search engine where we can find any piece of information we want at any time we want. It works as links and connections. One piece of information leads to a bunch of other information, which in turn leads to more information. Kind of like going to Wikipedia, going to an article, then going to related article, and then another, and another. Next thing you know it’s an hour later and you are reading about something completely different than what you started with. The same is true for hypnotism. It does not remove memories, but it can redirect the links. If for example, a hypnotist wanted a subject to not think about cats, they could suggest that every time they try to think about a cat, they will think about a dog. This doesn’t remove the memory but does make it hard to access.
The hypnotist also needs to be mindful of their wording. Some words carry extra meaning to them and can cause extra effects in a trance. For example, saying the word pain could make the person experience it as the subconscious tries to process it. The word try is tricky, because it implies failure. If you ask someone to help you move, and they say they will try to make it, there is good chance they aren’t showing up. Under that same logic, if in trance the subject is told they should try to change, the subconscious will normally process that as fail to change. On a non hypnotic note, this actually makes Yoda’s famous, “Do or do not, there is no try,” actually make sense. If you are just going to try, you accept failure.
Be careful with triggers. It is possible to create triggers to deal with issues or try to break habits. For example, if someone wants stop biting their nails, a hypnotist could suggest that every time they feel the urge to bite their nails, they will instead pull at their watch band. While this wouldn’t resolve the issue that causes the problem, this could be used to prevent the behavior while it is being resolved. While useful, triggers need to be carefully considered so that they are not triggered accidently. A common trigger, if a subject and hypnotist are going to work together a lot, is a phrase that quickly puts the subject back into a trance. But if the phrase is too common or otherwise limited it could become problematic. It is common for a hypnotist to specify the trigger only works if they say it, or only if in a specific place. Personally, I normally tie the trigger to me and use basic Latin phrases to prevent them from coming up in normal conversation.
A few last small suggestions about suggestion. Suggestions tend to work better if they are repeated a few times during the trance. They don’t have to be exactly repeated, but the suggestion should be given about 3 times. Work slowly, the subconscious takes time to process language. This means that if the hypnotist speaks too quickly, the subject may not understand everything that is told to them. Continue to watch the subject. Trauma or fear can trigger unexpectedly, and while in trance it will feel more intense. The hypnotist needs to be ready to calm the person and potentially end the trance so they can discuss what happened.
With that we come to the end of another entry. Next time we will wrap up the break down by covering waking and after care.

DrakeG Apr 15
This it’s a induction, I wrote it while being in trance myself As you read this text you may notice how your mind drift into trance, leaving nothing but pleasure, and as you keep reading you realize how relaxed it’s feel your shoulders now, numb, dropping, nothing else to weepy now, feeling how as your jaw relax and droop into drool, realizing how deep you got so quickly you just accept this nice sensation and submit into the pleasure as you mind have drifted so far you can regain your will now. And as you finish reading this sentence you fully accept your role as servant
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Part 6 of 12

Six parts in and going strong. Today we are discussing inductions. Induction is the process of leading someone into a trance. This is what people most likely think of when you say hypnosis, the image of someone swinging a pocket watch saying you are getting very sleepy. While that exact method is not actually common, it is possible. As I said before, this is all based on my opinions and experience. 
So let’s discuss some possible methods of inducing a trance. When learning hypnosis, the most common method discussed is relaxation. Specifically, the progressive relaxation method is the most common. This has the hypnotist walking the subject through relaxing each part of their body. Depending on who you ask, this method works by relaxing the subject till they just slip into a trance or it just bores the person until they almost pass out. Personally I am not a fan of this method not only because I find there are easier ways to relax people with hypnosis but also this method does not work well on everyone. Especially people with ADD, ADHD, or are highly analytical. These types of people have trouble stopping their mind, which is the goal in this kind of induction.
So on the other side of the coin is confusion or overload inductions. These inductions focus on distracting or overwhelming the conscious mind so that you can then get to the subject’s subconscious. One of the most common in this group is called 7 plus or minus 2. The idea is that human short term memory can only hold 5-9 items at a time, so if you keep pushing it to remember more than that, you can shut it down just long enough to get to the subconscious.
Next up is PGO spikes and pattern interrupts. These work under the concept of catching the person off guard. Have you ever leaned back in a chair and then all of the sudden you thought you were going to fall? At that peak right as you are about to fall, there is a sudden jolt that runs through your body. That is a PGO spike. In that moment, your conscious mind is hyper focused, and the hypnotist can get around it. A pattern interrupt works similarly by catching the subject off guard. For example, in the western world, if someone holds their hand out to offer a handshake we are trained to try to shake their hand. If the hypnotist then does something to break the expected process, like grabbing the outside of your hand, it will confuse and distract your conscious mind.
The last big group is focus based. These inductions work by drawing the subject’s attention somewhere the hypnotist chooses. This is where the swinging pocket watch example at the start comes in. The hypnotist guides the person to focus on something. Then, like with confusion, once the conscious mind is out of the way, the subconscious can be accessed.
Now these are not the only ways to induce a trance. There are any number of ways to induce a trance. To wrap up, lets talk about one of the less intuitive ways to cause a trance. There is a quote from Clark Hull, “Anything that assumes trance, causes trance.” What this means is under normal circumstances we would look to put someone into a trance and then create effects. One of the common effects is called catalepsy. This is commonly displayed by making the subjects arm or leg unable to move, even if it is free floating in the air. In a trance, this is an easy thing to accomplish. Now if on the other hand, you can cause catalepsy, you can use that to induce a trance. 
With that, I hope you enjoyed and next time we will discuss the change work.

DrakeG Apr 12
as my name suggest I have trouble sleeping, here it’s a induction to relax and hope catch some z tonight. Start taking deeper breaths now, as you relaxing your breathing you are in control, full your chest with air, deeper , and deeper, and gave it all out, feel free of all stress, all problems you had during day it’s gone none, nothing matters as you keep reading this script, you just start to let your mind go blank, leaving no room for thought, for worried, for anything that could take your focus now, just keep breathing, feeling more and more relaxed nos, your head feel light, as it’s get harder to keep your eyes open, you keep reading, each blink, harder and harder to keep open your eyes as you keep readin, feeling calm, starting in your jaws, as it’s dropes open, going down to your shoulders , arms and hands, over all your core, feeling calm, relaxed, more and more and more, until there it’s nothing but pure and simple relaxation, keep reading as your eyes start to close more and more, it’s so hard to think now, and as you keep reading this sentence you find yourself so tired, so relaxed, all you want to do it take a long night of rest, and as you finish reading this sentence, you will do it
As a tist myself I have experienced throughout the year many cases when I didn’t have a good relationship with the subject, here I will talk expose 5 basis that each really may have to be better 1. Mutual respect, when someone trance with you, there offering of their mind, they confidence under your care, as you can suggest any thing you want as a tist , you should respect the confidence the subject have put into you. Going beyond any boundaries made before the trance should never be done. For the subject, as this relation come from both part, you have the responsibility to be clear what you wants to do, there classic i am pretty open doesn’t close the deal, since, if the tist suggest something you don’t like, you may lost focus, the tist would feel shameful and the Session won’t go as good as it should be, before trance expose exactly what you DONT wants, so the tist can work into those boundaries This was longer that I expected ????, will publish next part in a future
Part 5 of 12

Hello again, I hope everyone is ready for some more hypnosis discussion. Today we are going over susceptibility tests. As I mentioned before, this step is commonly skipped, especially if the hypnotist can build a good rapport with the subject. That being said, it is also possible to do this step and skip the induction. As a reminder this is all based on my experience and opinions.
The most important questions are how do these work and why would we use them? The first thing to susceptibility tests is like a shady carnival game, rigged from the start. The hypnotist does a trick that makes the person think they are not fully in control. Then before the subject has time to figure out the trick, the hypnotist moves on to the next one. Each new trick builds on the previous, proving the point more and more that the hypnotist is exerting control. This process is called heteroaction.
For example, the hypnotist may have the subjects put the palms of their hands together and interlock their fingers. Then hold their arms straight out as far at they can go, locking their elbows. Then tell them  to try to use the strength in your shoulders to pull their hands apart. As a person tries to do this the hypnotist will keep edging them on, pushing for them to pull harder and harder. Then the hypnotist will stop them, break their hands apart and then immediately start the next test. If these are done in a one on one setting, after about 3 to 5 tests the subject is probably in a good place to start an induction, assuming the person hasn’t already went into a trance. 
This brings us to two very important points in hypnosis. First putting someone into a trance means the person is not in full control of themselves. That means that it is the hypnotist’s responsibility to make sure they stay safe. If the subject is standing, be ready to catch them if they fall. If the subject is sitting make sure that don’t slide out of their chair. Both of those can be be prevented by just suggesting to the person they can maintain their balance. Second the hypnotist needs to watch the subject. During the pretalk, the hypnotist should have been watching the subject to get a feel for the subjects normal body language. When a person starts to go into a trance there are several signs. For example: eyes becoming heavy, head tilting forward, and jaw unclenching. The only way to see that something is changing is to have set a baseline before they start.
With that out of the way, lets get back to susceptibility tests. The most common use for them is stage hypnosis. They work as a quick way to get multiple people going into a trance all at once. Stage hypnosis also will make use of homoaction. Homoaction is like heteroaction, but instead of each different test building on the last, the same test builds on itself. So after taking the subjects through 3-5 tests, the hypnotist will then go back to the first test again, this time getting a stronger response. Earlier I said that this step is skipped in favor of going to the induction, but especially in stage hypnosis you can find just the opposite. The hypnotist may just keep doing the susceptibility tests until the subjects are all in trance. A few rounds of looping through these tests combined with the reactions from the audience can reinforce the suggestions are working till they are under with no induction needed.
So with susceptibility tests covered, we are ready to discuss inductions next time. Look forward to seeing you all there.

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Part 4 of 12

Welcome back. I hope everyone is excited, because today we are talking about the Pretalk. This is the time and place for the hypnotist and the subject to get on the same page about what the goal of the session is. This step is a great time for the subject to get any questions they have answered and for the hypnotist to explain the plan. Now the exact format and content of the pretalk will vary from person to person, but here are some points to consider. As always this is just based on my own experience and opinions.
There are several goals accomplished during the pretalk. First is educational. Hypnosis is a subject that has been often misrepresented in media as we discussed last time. So the subject probably has some misconceptions about hypnosis, including how it works and what it can and can’t do. The hypnotist is likely to ask the subject what their experience with hypnotism is. For most people, it is going to mainly be what they have seen on TV or if they have been to a stage show. Tip for the hypnotists in the audience, ask what the subject’s experience is rather than what they know. What they know is a vaguer question that is likely to take longer to answer, be full of the above misconceptions, and mostly a waste of time. If you ask for experience it will quickly let you gauge their knowledge level and let you give them correct information since you are the expert.
The next goal is for the subject to let the hypnotist know what they need help with. There are plenty of things that hypnotism can help with including but not limited to motivation, changing habits, pain relief, relaxation, and weight management. The subject should be detailed about what they want to achieve and the hypnotist should take note of not only what the person wants, but key phrases that the subject uses to describe it. The subject should also while describing the issue be able to convincingly say, something needs to change, I am what needs to change, and it needs to change now. If not, any changes that are made are less likely to stick as the person isn’t ready to change.
Once the hypnotist knows what the subject wants, they will need to discuss the business side of the deal. How many sessions does the hypnotist think it will take, how much does it cost, is it per session or is it for the whole process. Many changes are done in a single session, but some may take multiple sessions. For example, I handle weight management as 4 sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of things that can affect it. Scheduling the actual session might also be needed. The general rule is that if you go in person to do a pretalk, the session will be right after. While if you are doing it remotely the session will likely be scheduled for another day. This is mainly due to the fact that it is seen as a waste of time to have someone drive somewhere for a 15-30 minute conversation.
Finally the hypnotist wants to build trust and rapport with the subject. As we discussed previously, the more the subject believes the hypnotist can do, the more they actually can do.  By covering all of the above points in a knowledgeable and professional manner as well as showing themselves to be an expert, you can build trust and rapport. There are additional methods that a hypnotist can use to gain rapport. Earlier I mentioned the hypnotist should note some key phrases that the subject used. Building rapport is one of the reasons why. If the hypnotist repeats the subject's own words back to them, they subconsciously start to agree with them more because they sound familiar.
This brings us to the end of the pretalk. These short 15-30 minutes lays a lot of ground work to allow the session to go smoothly. Next time we will be discussing susceptibility tests, I look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions or want to schedule a session please go to the Contact section.

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Part 3 of 12

Welcome to another round of HypnoChat. I’m your host, Drake. Today we are going over, what to expect with hypnosis. As always this is based on my own opinions and experience. It is worth noting that depending on a number of factors including but not limited to: the hypnotist’s experience, preferences, and mood and the subject’s experience, preferences, and mood, and the setting and goals; some of the steps I discuss may be skipped, merged, or may blend from one step to the next.
The first step in hypnosis is the pretalk. This is where the ground work is set for everything else. The hypnotist starts building rapport with the subject and educating them about hypnosis. The subject will also let the hypnotist know what they are trying accomplish. This is the best time to ask any questions, since if everything goes to plan, this will probably be the only chance before starting to go into a trance. Also, even if the hypnotist doesn’t ask, this would be a good time to make sure they are aware of any medical conditions you may have. Mental illness, heart or lung issues could lead to complications. This is not to say that having them prevents you from getting hypnosis, but a doctor may need to be consulted.
Next up is susceptibility tests. These are a way to gauge how quickly someone will go into a trance. The old school of thought about hypnosis is that there is a certain percent of the population who can’t be hypnotized. I think the number was something like 20% of people, but if you think back to part one of this, I said that hypnosis is just guiding someone into a trance and that trances are something that everyone experiences. So if everyone naturally goes into a trance, it doesn’t really make sense that 20% of people can’t be hypnotized. We will come back to this in a minute. 
Now in modern hypnosis, susceptibility tests can still be used, normally for one of two reasons. The main reason is for stage hypnosis. In those settings, it is important to quickly find the people who are going to go into a trance the fastest, so that the show can progress quickly. The other less common use, is they can be used to help someone ease into a trance. These tests start building the subjects confidence in the hypnotist by showing that there is something happening that the subject doesn’t seem to be in full control.
Third up is the induction. This is the part that most people think of as actual hypnosis. This is where the subject is lead into a trance. There are a number of really common ways to do this but they all come down to one goal: get the conscious mind out of the way. We will discuss induction methods more in depth in the future, but one of the older and more commonly known ones is called progressive relaxation. The hypnotist will lead the subject through relaxing their entire body, until eventually they drift off into a trance.
 Now lets go back to that 20% who supposedly can’t be hypnotized. If you are someone who is highly analytical, have ADD or ADHD, progressive relaxation is rarely going to work. Progressive relaxation works by getting you to stop thinking but with these types of conditions, people can’t and/or won’t. So with more modern understanding there are other inductions methods like trying to create a PGO spike, confusion, pattern interrupt, or even just conversation. We will break all of those down at a later date.
Next up is the deepener. Once in a trance, depending on a lot of factors, the hypnotist will probably need to get you farther into it. While you are not asleep in a trance, it does work as a good metaphor. So imagine you just got into bed, you start to get comfortable, and then right as you are starting to fall asleep, you hear something in the kitchen. Most people will startle back awake. Some people will fall asleep as soon as their head touches the pillow and will never hear the noise. As for the people who do hear it, especially if you are in a new or unfamiliar environment, you are likely to go check what it was. Now as you get more comfortable and familiar with the environment, the random noise will stop bothering you. You know it’s just the ice maker or the house settling. The same idea happens in hypnosis. The first time you are hypnotized, you are likely to be in a very light trance that distractions can easily break you out of. Some people will naturally fall deeper than others but the more you are hypnotized, the faster and deeper you will go.
Now we get to the heart of hypnosis, the change work. This is where the hypnotist will take that information from the pretalk and start putting it into action. They guide the subject to new information, form new habits, break old ones, or what ever steps are needed to accomplish the subject’s goals. Depending on the goal or goals, all of the changes may be able to be done in one session or they may need to be done in multiple. 
So at this point, it is important to note that human memory is awful. Your brain lies to you constantly and so completely that most people never notice. For example, your vision only has a couple square inches of high resolution quality that you can see at any given time. Your eyes scan the area quickly moving this focus point around to get more details but to hide this, your brain fills in extra details about the world around you so that you think you are seeing everything in high definition. Your brain also edits the information that you receive tuning out things it deems unimportant, like your nose. You can always see your nose but until you focus on it, your brain filters it out. This is important because if you can’t trust what you are really seeing in the moment, how can you be trusted to remember something accurately? The answer is that you can’t. Your brain does not like to admit it doesn’t know or remember something, so it can and will make up details or memories. 
This is important because with hypnosis your mind is open to suggestion. Creating or modifying memories is so easy that it can be done by accident. The most common scenario for this with hypnosis is time loss. Once the subject is in trance at least 30 minutes, the chance of time loss starts to increase. This can become so complete that the subject does not remember anything that happened while in trance at all. This is the same way that while listening to music, reading a good book or watching an enthralling movie, you can lose time. The hypnotist can also use this to their advantage. First if the subject suddenly realizes they lost time, it proves to them that the hypnotist did something. The other advantage is that this ability to create or modify memories can be used for entertainment. This is the basis for hypnosis shows.
Now we move on to awakening. The hypnotist will then guide the subject to come back to a normal state. There is no chance of a subject getting stuck in a trance. A trance is a in-between state. Without the hypnotist maintaining it, the person will either naturally wake up or fall asleep. That being said, if the hypnotist doesn’t guide the person to wake, it can lead to some confusion, headache, and disorientation. It is as if you were suddenly startled awake.
Finally we come to post care or post talk. It is common for people to still be more suggestable for 5 or 10 minutes after coming out of a trance. To that end, it is common to just sit and talk for a few minutes after the trance ends to make sure that nothing extra gets unexpectedly changed. I heard a story where after a long session to help someone make a lot of changes, they were feeling really great about them. The subject ran out to say how great they felt to their ride. Their ride said that they didn’t seem different and asked if they were sure it actually worked. In this more suggestable state, it undid the work that had been done. In a lot of cases this post talk won’t even be about the hypnosis itself, just small talk to pass time.
That gives a basic overview of hypnosis and what to expect from it. Next time, we will start diving into more specifics on different parts.

DrakeG Apr 5 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

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Here is part 2 of 12

Welcome back, glad to see those of you back again and all the new faces. Lets talk about how effective hypnosis can be. As a reminder this is all based on my opinions and experiences. How effective hypnosis is has to do with a few factors, but the biggest is the person being hypnotized. This in no way means that if hypnosis didn’t work for someone that they are a bad subject. As Mike Mandel says, there are no bad subjects or if there are, they go somewhere else. So how can the person being hypnotized be the biggest factor and issues with the trance not mean that they are a bad subject both be true? Well other factors still come into play like the skill of the hypnotist, level of trust between the two, and if the subject is actually ready to make the change.

The reason that the subject is still the biggest factor is that even when working with a hypnotist, the subject is still in control of the the trance. The hypnotist is a guide who leads the subject into a trance and to their goals. This means the more the person wants to change, the greater the change will be. Going into trance is also a skill, so the more you practice it, the easier it is to do. One caveat is that, as with most things trying too hard  can make things more difficult than it needs to be.

The hypnotist’s skill is important. While they are a guide, the more skilled they are at navigating the subconscious and adjusting their method to better match the subject, the better the effect. The way the changes are phrased can make a big difference in how the subject internalizes the changes. Trust and rapport also builds into this. This leads to an interesting effect that the more you believe the hypnotist can do, the more they actually can. Then the more they do, the more you believe that they can do. This self feeding cycle can lead to very powerful effects.

With all of that out of the way, how effective hypnosis is also depends on what change is trying to be made. Since hypnosis is an effect of the mind and the mind controls our perception of the world, the best changes are mental or perception based. Hypnosis is not going to make you drop 20 pounds over night, but it can help you build the habits to get you there. It can adjust your sensation of pain to help relieve it without the need for pain killers, but it will not fix the cause so care still needs to be taken not to make it worse. 

The short version is that the human mind is complicated. How well a given change will work depends. If you take a deep breath, relax, and go with the flow while working with someone skilled that you trust greatly it will lead to great results. Practice makes perfect and trying new things lets you find your preferences. The best way to do hypnosis, is the way that works for you.

DrakeG Apr 2 · Comments: 2
I am going to be discontinuing my website soon, so to that end I am going to start moving my blog posts here. Below is the 1st of 12 posts to come.

I am going to start a series of posts discussing different hypnosis topics and techniques about hypnosis. All of this is my own opinion and based on my experience. With that out of the way, I would suggest that if you haven’t already looked at my description of What is Hypnosis?, you should start there.

If you ask five hypnotists what is hypnosis, you are likely to get at least six different answers. As with pretty much everything involving the human mind, it is hard to pin down one single definitive answer. Making it more difficult is that different parts of the hypnosis community disagree on some basic terms. You may hear arguments about unconscious mind vs subconscious mind or waking someone from a trance vs emerging them from a trance. I try not to get bogged down by semantics, because while doing hypnosis, it doesn’t seem to matter. As long as the person you are working with has an understanding of what you are telling them, the specific words are less important.

So if defining hypnosis can be difficult, why not start from the other direction and eliminate what it is not? The obvious answer is because, like everything else, what it is not is basically infinite. That being said, due to hypnosis in media people tend to have strange ideas about what hypnosis is and what it can do. Media shows images of swinging crystals, pocket watches and spirals being used to mind control people. The rules of hypnosis tend to be more general guidelines. As such there can be cases or scenarios that deviate from the norm. Hypnosis cannot make you do something you don’t want to do. This is modified based on the circumstance and expectation.

 For example, the idea of someone being brought on stage to act like a chicken. There is a certain amount of acceptance that person has because 1: they know they were going to a hypnosis show and 2: they agreed to come on stage. Under the same idea, a person who goes to a hypnotist because they are ready to quit smoking is more open to that idea than being told to act like a chicken.

While hard to define, it is not mind control. So it can be described as a state of learning. It can be used to help you learn new habits or prime your mind to be on the look out for new opportunities. The mind is a powerful thing, and hypnosis is just a way to help guide and focus that power.

DrakeG Mar 31 · Comments: 1

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Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa

Hi, just looking to be someone's subject for a bit. It's been a long time since I tried anything, so. 
Submissive_Princess Mar 6 · Comments: 3
Well, that was a strange experience but felt so good. I became Nikki and even now thinking about it makes me aroused.
Andrew sat at his desk, finishing the third report of the day. His fingers rested on the home keys for a moment as he sighed. The day was taking so long. He was so bored. There had to be more to his life than this. Suddenly, his phone buzzed violently in his pocket.

Reaching into his pocket, he slid his phone out to see who the caller was. Andy sighed again, seeing his wife's name on his phone. They had gotten into a fight before leaving for work. He was just not in the mood. He cleared his throat and shoved his phone back into his pants.

Andy burrowed his face in his hands. He knew that he really needed to finish these reports, but his mind was everywhere else. Looking out the window, he followed several cars with his eyes. Andy didn't hate his job like most people, but he was distracted.
Who was she?

She walked opposite of him near the shops on Andy's commute to work. He had seen her 2 days in a row. He couldn't get her out of his head. Bright red hair that wove around her face, neck, and shoulders. Her bright red lips. Long legs. Cute feet in perfect heels.
She walked with a grace and confidence that turned Andy on so much. She smiled through her lips and crystal silver eyes. She wore makeup that only enhanced her natural features. She was beautiful. To Andy, she was possibly the most beautiful creature he had ever envisioned. 
Andy's fantasies were startled away by a knock at the door. Glancing over, he furled his brow in confusion as his boss walked in.
"Hey, Andrew. I have a new client who would like to discuss opening an account with us. Can you please help her out?" 
Ugh. Andy hated consultations. He didn't get commissions, and it felt like such a waste of time. Andy looked at his boss, glaring. He knew that Andrew wasn't a fan of these things.
"Oh, um..." Andy stammered, flustered, "Sure. Of course. Send them in." 
Andy's boss left the room, and Andy could hear him talking to someone.
Expecting his normal geriatric man, he was surprised to see a woman walk into his office.
Not just any woman. Her. Her hair and eyes gave her away instantly. Her perfection was immediately recognizable. 
She wore a classy, yet sexy red suit that showed just enough of her cleavage. Enough to make him imagine, fantasize, fascinate on...
Oh, fuck. He was staring. Andy swallowed and attempted to get his thoughts organized.
"Hello, ma'am. My name is Andrew Robinson." 
She crossed the room with that same confidence he had found so attractive. Andrew stood up, held out his hand, and prepared to feel her hand against his in a handshake.
But it never came.
She just stared at him. Looked once at his hand. Stared into his eyes again.
She stood inches away from Andrew. He could smell her aroma. It wasn't perfume, but just her delicious and sweet natural odor. It was intoxicating to be so close to her.
Her smile disarmed him. He no longer had any sense of guard or protection. He was vulnerable. 
She reached in finally, slowly. As he leaned for her hand, she quickly grabbed his wrist. Andrew's mind couldn't quite comprehend what just happened. She had moved too quickly. She had grabbed his wrist. She had done everything off. Wrong. He didn't know how to resp- 
Sleep now." She spoke sternly.
Andy's mind was so confused. So lost. The moment she spoke, Andy's mind welcomed the instruction. He needed to be told how to react, and he needed to react that way. It was too confusing not to. 
Andy's eyes slammed shut, and his head slumped forward. He didn't pass out. It wasn't like he was unconscious. But he was unable to fight. He was unable to think about fighting. It just felt good to notice how he had his head rested in that perfect cleavage. 
Was it proper? Was it appropriate? Was this a good thing to do at work?
These were thoughts that passed through Andy's mind, as he had his face on her chest. He wanted to just relax like this for the rest of eternity. He had nothing to do. Nothing to worry about. "Well, then, Andy. You're going to be coming with me. Get your wallet and your coat. We're going shopping."
Andrew didn't have the strength or the fight to resist. All he wanted was more of her. All he wanted was to see her smile. All he wanted was to give her everything. "Yes, ma'am." Andy mumbled, hardly able to move his lips.
"Oh, no, love," the woman smiled sinisterly, "It's Mistress from now on."

RoseSpells Feb 16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9

I have added to the program with new files and now we have a tasks section. After reviewing the materials on hypnosistexts.blogspot.com 

report back for tasks. Themes include dollification and bimbofication 


NimueHypno Jan 10 · Comments: 2 · Tags: hypno, submission

* Warnings *

this file will implant triggers into your mind.. This file will also cause you to seek me out for hypnotic and sexual slavery..  Watch this file alone as it has an many happy ending..  You have been warned!!

Sorry posted wrong video..  it is fixed now!!


Best with Stereo headphones..

Sit or lay in a comfy position..

eliminate all distractions..

open your mind to my words.. 

and enjoy..

let me know what you think of it at the end..

Say Yes To The Trance

MindbenderAmy Dec 28 '21 · Comments: 3 · Tags: bdsm, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control, brain washing, slavery

* Warnings *

this file will implant triggers into your mind.. This file will also cause you to seek me out for hypnotic and sexual slavery..  Watch this file alone as it has an happy ending..  You have been warned now onto The Rosebud Experience..


Here it finally is.. you have enjoyed The Rosebud Experience in text form.. Now just sit back and relax as you listen to it..


Best with Stereo headphones..

Sit or lay in a comfy position..

eliminate all distractions..

and enjoy..

let me know what you think of it at the end..

The Rosebud Experience Video

MindbenderAmy Dec 21 '21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: bdsm, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control

Please enjoy the first file I'm publishing EVER!! It's a nice short intro that gives you a sample of my voice and primes you to get ready to become hypnotized!

Make sure you're comfortable before watching.

I'm looking forward to creating new files soon ~ opinions are appreciated 

Vadoma the HypnoWitch

HypnoWitch Nov 24 '21 · Comments: 11 · Tags: art, hypnosis, hypnosis , top, first
Mistress Nikki gently slips her hand into my bra and clips one clamp to a nipple and then the second one to the next, "how are we doing, slave?" "I'm ok Ma'am," I answer calmly as I cringe from the punishing biting of the nipple clamps. Shivering from anticipation and the fact that I am nearly naked and standing in a fetish club for all to see. I take a quick moment to survey my new surroundings. At first sight, the club appears like any other nightclub. To one side there is your typical bar with its beer taps, and the liquor bottles displayed in the back. Of course, not far off from there is a dance floor. The only difference here, all of the dancers are dressed like me, and had their hands tied like me. To one side I see an array of tables where you can see clothed people sitting, and their almost naked slaves are kneeling or standing next to the table. Just beyond that, I can see the play area, with all kinds of kinky furniture. I expect I’ll get introduced to it soon enough. I can see a woman tied to a cross, both her arms and legs were spread wide to give her owner full access to all her sensitive spots. In fact, I see that her master has already put clamps on her nipples, and they look tighter than the ones Mistress Nikki put on me. The look on the poor slave's face makes me think she has been teased and denied an orgasm for quite some time. Seeing the anguish each time her Master pulls the vibrator away is getting me excited.Then it dawns on me, I could be in that slave predicament too. Also in the play area I see a cute slave with his hand pulled high above his head, which is forcing him onto his toes. Attached between his feet is a polished spreader bar preventing him from closing his legs. This lovely specimen is also sporting a ball gag, which became apparent when his mistress stepped into my view. In each of her hands, she’s banishing a shiny leather flogger. She wasted no time in guiding her tools to their intended spot on his naked ass. Again, and again I hear the swoosh of the flogger as it impacted its target. I am spellbound as I watch the slave flinch every time the flogger kisses his skin, and I swear his cock is trying to grow another inch with each slap, if it wasn't being stopped by a cock cage. I catch myself rubbing my legs together as I watch his predicament. Nothing else seems to matter as I stood there staring. "Slave!... Slave, look at me when I speak to you." I hear turning my head to focus on Mistress Nikki. She has slid my leash onto her wrist and is now holding a tablet in her hands. "I have a few questions to ask you, slave. Are you ready?" I nod my head up and down to say yes. "Good! So... https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/01/club-surrender-chapter-two.html?zx=f0dde00d6d67dab8
"Allan, I am intrigued by your writing style," Ms. Scottsdale praises. Ms. Scottsdale, is an accomplished business woman, she’s in her early forties and very fit. She has long red hair and two lips that match, a cute button nose and piercing blue eyes. For today's meeting she dressed conservatively in a pants suit, and heels. "I find your writing unique, I'd even go so far as to say it's titillating. I've read every story, article and meme on your blog. I find your stories captivating. You always manage to draw me into the plot, tease me, and then end the story leaving me hanging, desperate for more. That's why I approached Eric to reach out to you." Blushing a little from the nice compliment Allan remarks, "thank you, that's very kind of you, but that's a lot of money to offer a hobbyist, what could I possibly offer to warrant such a large sum of money." "Well Allan," Mr. Pittman starts, "Can I ask you a personal question?" To which Allan nods yes. "How many times have you seen a Dominatrix in person?" The question stuns Allan and he can’t help but start to blush, but he answers "um, never," somewhat sheepishly. "I thought so," Pittman quipped, "Now consider the caliber of the material you could write from first hand knowledge. Listen, you have the ability to spin a great tale, and I know you have what it takes to write a bestseller. All you need is to believe in yourself and to get involved in the lifestyle. What do you say, are you ready for the next step in your evolution?" “Well, yes… I’d love too…, but I can’t.” Allan replies, “It’s my wife, I love her and I couldn’t betray her like that. Not for any amount of money.” Allan says knowing in his heart that despite the insane amount of money being offered it was the right answer, the only answer he could give. “I had hoped you would say that,” Ms. Scottsdale chimes in next. “I made a bet with Eric here,” she comments while pointing at Mr Pittman with a huge smile, “that you’re a man of integrity and honesty, and that if you stayed true to your values, he would pony up another five million to the offer.” The announcement of an additional five million causes Allan to gasp before he speaks again, “Thank you, I thank you both for the generous offer, but be it as it may, it doesn’t change my answer. I would rather be loyal and happy with my wife, than having a box filled with money and being miserable alone. “And that’s exactly what she heard,” Ms. Scottsdale says as the door to Allan’s small home offices opens to allow Allan’s wife Jessica and a stranger to enter. Jessica walks straight over to Allan, puts her arms around him and hugs him. “I love you. You big adorable Olaf,” she exclaims before kissing him affectionately. Perplexed, Allan looks around before Ms, Scottsdale resumes speaking, “Allan, this beautiful young lady is my assistant Penelope. I trust her with everything, and I had her explain everything to Jessica.” Seeing an expression of worry crossing his face, Allan’s wife looks her husband in the eye ,smiles and says, “It’s alright honey, I’m okay, I understand, relax, I’m not mad.” “Allan,” Ms. Scottsdale resumes speaking, “l’m not an impulsive women, before coming here today I did a deep dive on you. I wanted to make sure you were not an unfaithful cheating piece of shit, running around behind your wife's back. But after doing the check I was pleased to discover a good man, who has had his fair share of hard times. I know everything you have gone through Allan, every pain, every heartache, every failure. I also know that you stay faithful to your wife by writing. Yes, Allan, I understand that you still have urges, needs, and desires. But more importantly you have morals. So even if you had the opportunity to be unfaithful, you were not. I get that you write out of respect for Jessica and for love. And now she knows that too.” Jessica hugs her husband even tighter saying, “you big numbskull, why didn’t you tell https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/p/the-realm-of-scottsdale.html?zx=ae0b42b71e096829
slaveallan68 Sep 25 '21 · Tags: femdom
Please share this link with your friends and put it on your kinky profiles, help us to reach more hypnofans: https://discord.gg/rBYDrsCBqC
Unreal Sep 10 '21
"But, Ma'am, the mall!" Justin exclaims, " you're joking right?" "Tell me, slave, have you ever known me to joke about anything when it comes to you, your training or your tasks." was the response Bridget, Justin's Mistress and Owner for the past 18 months. It started harmlessly enough, just a casual date with one of his administrative assistants. Not even a date really, a couple of drinks at a bar. But two weeks later they rented a hotel room and made love over, and over, and over again. They met discreetly like this for five more weeks. Having wild passionate sex all weekend long. But then on their sixth week when Justin picked Bridget up for their next rendezvous, she brought a large duffel bag along with her. "What's in the bag?" Justin inquiries. "I have a midget in there," Bridget said with a laugh, before saying, "it's none of your business what's in the bag. It's a surprise, for when we get to the hotel." Needless to say that the hour drive to the hotel had Justin wondering what could be in the bag. Any questions about it were abruptly cut off by Bridget, followed with, "you will find out when we get there." So when they finally entered their room, Justin was excited as a child on Christmas morning. "Could you pour me a glass of champagne, pet, while I get changed," Bridget requested, teasing Justin's curiosity for a bit longer. She grabs a smaller bag and heads into the bathroom, and closes the door. "Ah! Now is my chance," Justin says to himself, grabbing the duffel bag to take a look inside. Justin's face quickly turns to a frown when he discovers the bag is locked. He tosses the bag back onto the bed and with nothing else to do, he pops the cork on the champagne, and pours two glasses, takes a seat on the edge of the bed, and has a sip of his bubbly. (Click) he hears coming from the bathroom door as the lock disengages. "Are you ready!" Bridget calls out. "Whenever you are," he rapidly replied. But Justin was anything but ready for the vixen emerging from the bathroom... https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2021/08/whos-boss-now.html?zx=ebd393ecb435341a
slaveallan68 Aug 28 '21 · Tags: femdom
Some of you may have read this one before, but since first writing it I’ve taught myself how to make illustrations to help convey what I see in my head. In fact the illustrations could tell the story almost by theirselves. So for the first timers enjoy the story, and if you already read the story, why not check out the new pictures, and like always I beg for your feed back My girlfriends and I decided to check out a new fetish club that opened up. As we neared the entrance, I overheard the doorman turning people away because the club is exclusive to couples or groups in a D/s relationship. Upon reaching the door we’re asked by the doorman how we identified our roles. As expected my two friends promptly replied "Mistress", but fearing being turned away, and having a great desire to see inside, I bowed my head and said "slave Sir". My two friends glanced at me in shock. The doorman said "welcome to Club Surrender ladies", just as another woman approached me and locked a collar around my neck and then she attached a leash. Next I hear the doorman say, "Ladies the clubs headmistress for this evening has issued an order that all slaves are to spend the night wearing a club appointed uniform with their hands bound and on a leash." this time it was I who had the look of shock. I saw the doorman open the door to usher my two friends in and heard him say "Have a pleasant evening ladies, your slave will be escorted to you, just as soon as she is prepared properly." At the same time the woman holding my leash said harshly as she yanked on it, "Follow me, SLAVE! Let's get you ready for Mistress and your Owners," and she leads me down a hall to another room, a dressing room of sorts. Once inside the woman turned to me and yelled: " Strip slave, get out of those bloody clothes and hang them in locker sixty, in there you will find something more suitable for a slave to put on, and be quick about it." I disrobed rapidly with my heart racing and did not want to anger this amazon any further. Once changed I hung up my clothing neatly as ordered, then turn fearfully to face the woman once again. She was standing there staring at me soaking up my outfit with an evil smirk on her lips, what I have on wasn’t hiding much. The outfit consisted of a strapless black bra, a small pair of panties with a zipper down the front, a set of fishnet stockings with straps to attach to the panties. “What size shoes do you wear?'' I’m asked by my chaperone. I tell her and watch as she goes to a shelf and grabs a pair. “Here, you’ll want to put these on too,” she says, placing the shoes on the table. “Thank you,” I responded. I sigh with a sense of relief knowing that I did have to spend the night naked. I slip the shoes on and wait for my next instructions. “You have to wear these too,” she says, holding leather wrist and ankle cuffs to match the collar that I presently wore. "put these on slave and don't be wasting my darn time, you’re not... ... ... Just follow the link to continue reading, and to see the new pictures. https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/01/club-surrender.html
slaveallan68 Jun 19 '21 · Tags: femdom

A little shameless self-promotion (which is new and out of my comfort zone but hey, "feel the fear and do it anyway" - isn't that how the saying goes? )

I make erotic trance audio files, which I sell on NiteFlirt and APClips. They're mostly story-telling trances modelled on classical sessions with a story line, formal induction, deepener and content. I provide full content descriptions with each, so you know what you're consenting to. I edit them in Audacity and put in stereo effects and multiple layers. They're scripted, voiced and edited by myself. I've been told they induce pretty deep and erotic trances... (and some include orgasms.)

They vary from $15-$25, with discounted bundles available on NiteFlirt. If you want to hear my voice and get a taste, I have free files on my tumblr; I've linked to a recent one below.

I hope you'll take a look 'n listen. (And you'd be supporting a real small "mom minus pop store" needing the money; just saying. - If you do decide to buy, I'd love some feedback, too.)


Free sample file


First, a caveat: I don't want to "yuck your yum," as they say.  There are plenty of kinks that can be practiced ethically or not, and frankly plenty of kinks that can be healthy outlets despite harsh judgment from society at large.  But these are things that I think can be contemplated in what we do.

What is the commonality that links the various sissies?  To listen to Urban Dictionary: "A sissy is an [AMAB] male; who acts really feminine, slutty, horny, also really bimbo-like, etc."  But it seems to me that even if we accept this definition of sissies, it doesn't encompass everyone in this similar set of categories.

I would say that sissies are defined by people who were assigned male at birth but express a gender or sexual identity that is femme-presenting.  This involves many different genders, including those who are still male but cross-dress, the gender fluid, transgender women, and others. The common link is the femme presentation.  Additionally, that presentation is stressed and accentuated in many cases (similar to the hyper-femininity often associated with drag).  *EVERYONE* performs gender (yes, even you, daddies), but sissies pursue an idealized hyper-femininity and focus extra effort on the performance of femininity (ie "act ​really​ feminine").

Hypnosis is involved in the accentuation or "implantation" of these feminine traits and minimization or "removal" of the masculine.  But I personally don't care for it when it focuses on humiliation or degradation. 

If sissies are characterized by the embrace of the feminine, there are some who have a somewhat Freudian outlook on what constitutes femininity.  Their status as a sissy isn't associated with the positive femininity that they express, but rather as a negative "failed" male. They characterize being feminine with the mere absence of masculinity (though loss of masculinity can play into it, there is something added by femininity, as well). This includes things such as focus on the impotence or loss of a penis ("my tiny dick is pathetic"), an inability to please women ("I can't please women, and am only good for men to satisfy their needs"), and being "treated like a woman" as an inherently negative thing.

But, again, okay; if that's your kink, go practice that kink safely and consensually, with my blessing.  Humiliation is a valid kink, as is playing with gender.  But I prefer to focus on sissies for their excellent feminine qualities, not their "deficient" male qualities.  Not just "all I'm good for is to men take their pleasure with me," but "I am good at giving me pleasure (and taking pleasure in turn).  I am sexy and pleasing to men."  I love the playfulness of accentuating and heightening femininity, the desire to seduce and be seduced.  The assurance of knowing that men want you.  Even when hypnosis is involved in "turning" someone into a sissy, I think that this can be focused on in a positive manner.

How does gender and sexual identity get involved, then, you ask?  (thank you for that wonderful question, hypothetical reader I made up for rhetorical purposes).  First, the sissy is usually more aware that they are "performing" gender, and aware that they are doing it well.  There is an aura of being irresistible because they aren't assuming their femme presentation is innate: that they so desirable than even a man who thinks he's primary attracted to cis women finds that he can't help but give in.  Similarly, the sissy is often playing with heteronormativity internally.  Working from the assumption that they "should" be hetero (even if we know this mindset isn't correct) lends a similar air of feeling out of control with desire- eg that the NEED for cock is so great it overwhelms one's "natural" inclinations.  For many of us, we are playing with our "default" heteronormativity and using it to accentuate the experience (kinks subvert societal norms for a reason). 

So what I enjoy is the playfulness of sexually tense interactions, that back and forth of seduction.  Of the need that both of you have, and the positive feeling of being desired, of being desirable.  And of ignoring or overpowering any "traditional" notions of gender.

For me, the hypnosis is not based on being insufficient as a sexual being, but from being insufficient to resist one's desires.  You can be turned into a needy little slut who is helpless for cock.  But not because you're a pathetic man, but because you're a voracious sexual being who just can't control your appetites.  You may have to be obedient and subservient, but not because if you were a "real" man you would be more powerful. No, because it feels so good to be obedient that you can't help yourself but give in. 

kriger09 Feb 11 '21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4

There is a lot of stories of mine here and on my blog to read. View one or read them all

slaveallan68 Dec 8 '20 · Tags: bdsm
Anyone from Sydney make some noizzeeee
afkafne Nov 2 '20 · Comments: 3
Hi i just found this place , im looking for a female tist ,sorry I can't imagine my self relaxing to a male voice lol.

I have certain things id like to brain wash my self with and im looking for that help ,im not looking for a relationship I have one im looking for a private professional, ive never experienced this before but im completely open to being hypnotised and going down that rabbit hole .

Please feel free to say hi 

Godo13 Oct 30 '20

As its been stated before; this IS a recreational hypnosis site. The following text, although not directing a specific action, may have the tendency to lead one to an altered state. Most on this site are usually IN an altered state, so no big surprises here. Use your judgement, such as it is.

It’s interesting how hypnotists focus. We grant our attention to the minutia. We observe. We continuously, consciously and unconsciously, acquire data. Consider your ear.

It’s not a microphone to your brain to be activated at will. It continues to listen. Always. Even when there’s nothing to hear. You remain in the default state of listening. Even now, when there may be nothing going on in the room, you have become aware of even the most minor noise. Or absent of noise, you may be aware of an ever-present high pitch tone that exists only in the silence of the room. Now that you’re aware of you ears, you can’t help but notice all the sounds around you or the lack thereof.

The ear is a marvelous appendage. The ear whorl is as unique as a fingerprint. Its function is clear to any casual observation. It’s designed to amplify sound efficiently. You may notice that it is the perfect spiral. Leading from the outside rim of the ear and coiling down into the recesses of your head. Imagine how the sounds just spiral down into your ear, your head, and mind. Like water draining from a basin. Its comforting to have these sounds and non-sounds coming to your attention. All is well and right in the world. Things are working as they should. You reaffirm that you’re in a place of safety; no surprises. Allowing you to relax more and more.

Think about those sounds that give you comfort. Perhaps a brook or stream. Water flowing steadily and easily as it goes down past you to its final destination. Perhaps by the ocean-side, you see yourself laying in the sand on the beach as the tide rolls forward and back. In and out. Rhythmically. Steadily. Constantly. Bringing on that dazed and happy feeling of relaxation. Allowing yourself to zone out and get lost in your feelings.

Imagine those sounds always being with you and inside you. Feel your own tides as you let the feeling of the waves come in and go out, come in and go out, taking all tension from every muscle, nerve, fiber, and tendon of your body. You might imagine it syncopating with the beating of your heart. In and out. Just enjoying this time to stare, read, think, and ponder. The sounds around you helping you to relax. The sounds spiraling into your ear, automatically and incessantly spiraling down deeper and deeper into your mind. And you stare at the page, as you allow these sounds to continue to relax you. Focusing on the words on the page, the spaces between the words, and the rhythm of the sounds in your head. So calm and at peace. So still. So focused.

And just as quickly, you find yourself blinking. Clearing your throat not to relieve an irritation, but to make a noise of your own. Jolting yourself into full awareness and out of the casual daydream.

It doesn’t matter. Your ears continue to listen.

Kent Allard

KentAllard Sep 26 '20

I suppose it’s long past time I finally got around to sharing something here. Been meaning to for, well, years, but life has a tendency to make finding time difficult at times. At any rate, time to stop beating around the bush and get to it.

Warning/disclaimer/etc. This is a recreational hypnosis website. You are (or should be) an adult with an interest in hypnosis, recreational and/or otherwise. You are primed to enter a hypnotic state. Though not particularly intended to induce trance the following could be considered a “conversational induction” by some. It is intended as a primer and piquer of interest towards the author (me). By continuing to read you are giving implicit consent to entering a trance state if you so choose. There is no “awakener” at the end and therefore you hereby accept responsibility for emerging from any hypnotic trance state you will find yourself in on your own. With that out of the way...

I’ve always had a love of and fascination with language. From simple basic communication to beautiful art form language has always had a wonder, a beauty for me. In particular the connection between language and thought. How each is wrapped up and intertwined to such a degree that they are more than simply symbiotic. In some ways they are one and the same. You cannot have language without thought, and you can’t truly form thought without language. Right now, for example, whatever you are or might be thinking, you’re doing so with words, with language. You could, if you so chose, say what you think, or write it down, and anyone who shared your language could hear or read it and they would know what you’re thinking right now. In doing so, they would think whatever you’re thinking right now. While actual telepathy is nothing but fantasy, we do have a very powerful and reliable method of transmitting thought, language.

While the spoken word is beautiful, wonderful, and powerful all on its own, there really is something special, almost magical about the written word. The spoken word is limited to a particular place and time, making it local and ephemeral, which does give it a beauty all its own. Not to mention how effective tone, pitch, and accent can be in communicating the tiny intricacies of thought. But the written word has a timeless, almost limitless power. As long as those who read it can understand the language, the written word can transcend time and space. These words I type, here and now for example, you are now reading and understanding in another place and time from where and when I write them. Be it down the street ten minutes after I’ve posted it or ten years from now on the other side of the planet, my words, my thoughts make their way to you.

Also, as you read these words, you hear them in your mind with your own voice. Whether you’re reading them out loud or silently to yourself, what you hear is your own voice. Or, if you choose, you can imagine another voice for my words. But as that voice is one from your imagination, or memory if you imagine these words in a voice you’ve heard before, the voice is still yours. Reading, and being able to read, allows us not only to receive and interpret thoughts and ideas from far away and long ago, but also to more easily make those thoughts and ideas our own. 

The written word is, for the most part, permanent. Figuratively, and sometimes literally, set in stone. Available for any and all who can and wish to to read. The power of the written word is truly amazing. Whether it be scratchings on a stone tablet thousands of years old, painstaking precise markings of ink on parchment hundreds of years old, press-printed letters on paper decades old, or the typed words coded into a network days old, the written word continues, it stays. Making its way across time and space. Entering into and becoming part of any and all who read it. Just as the words I type here and now enter into and become part of you whenever and wherever you choose to read them.

And so I hope to share more of my thoughts, my ideas, my language with you. Here and elsewhere. I hope you’ll join me and if you so choose, I hope you’ll share your thoughts, ideas, and language with me.

Warlock Sep 13 '20
Hi, I'd like to share the content I created over the last month. I've compiled them in one easy to find spot. Just follow the link


slaveallan68 Sep 3 '20 · Tags: bdsm
Its been awhile since I posted here. I hope you enjoyed this one
slaveallan68 Sep 3 '20 · Rate: 5 · Tags: bdsm

Hypnotic Induction

Warning this is an induction and you may be hypnotized, please read in a safe place, Using confusion in a written script is something I have never done,

Yuo aer arwae of erevtynhig, and yte yuo aer nto arwae. Yuo aer lsitnenig wtih yuor sbucoinosucs mnid, wilhe yuor cnoicouss mnid is far aawy, and nto lsitnenig. Yuor cnoicouss mnid is far aawy, and nto lsitnenig. Yuor sbucoinosucs mnid is akawe, and lsitnenig, and hreanig erevtynhig wilhe yuor cnoicouss mnid ramines vrey raelxed and paceuefl. Yuo can raelx paceefluly bceusae yuor sbucoinosucs mnid is tkanig cahgre, and wehn tihs hppanes, yuo oepn and csloe yuor eeys and let yuor sbucoinosucs do all the lsitnenig. Yuor sbucoinosucs mnid kwnos, and bceusae yuor sbucoinosucs mnid kwnos, yuor cnoicouss mnid deos nto need to kown and can saty alesep, and nto mnid wilhe yuor sbucoinosucs mnid satys wdie aawke. Yuo hvae mcuh ptoetnail in yuor sbucoinosucs mnid wichh yuo dno’t hvae in yuor cnoicouss mnid. Yuo can rmeemebr erevytnihg taht has hpaepend wtih yuor sbucoinosucs mnid, but yuo cnaont rmeemebr erevytnihg wtih yuor cnoicouss mnid. Yuo can froegt so esaliy, and wtih froegtting cretian tihgns yuo can rmeemebr ohetr tihgns. Rmeemebring waht yuo need to rmeemebr, and froegtting waht yuo can froegt. It deos nto mtaetr if yuo froegt, yuo need nto rmeemebr. Yuor sbucoinosucs mnid rmeemebrs erevytnihg taht yuo need to kown and yuo can let yuor sbucoinosucs mnid lsietn and rmeemebr wilhe yuor cnoicouss mnid seleps and froegts. Keep yuor eeys oepn and colesd, and lsietn wtih yuor sbucoinosucs mnid, and wehn yor'ue lsitnenig vrey, vrey craefluly, yuor haed can now yes. As yuo cntonuie to lsietn to me, wtih yuor sbucoinosucs mnid, yuor cnoicouss mnid seleps depeer and deeepr, and depeer, and deeepr. Let yuor cnoicouss mnid saty dpeley alesep, and let yuor sbucoinosucs mnid lsietn to me. Yuo hvae mcuh ptoetnail in yuor sbucoinosucs mnid wichh yuo dno’t hvae in yuor cnoicouss mnid. Yuo can rmeemebr erevytnihg taht has hpaepend wtih yuor sbucoinosucs mnid, but yuo cnaont rmeemebr erevytnihg wtih yuor cnoicouss mnid. Yuo can froegt so esaliy, and wtih froegtting cretian tihgns yuo can rmeemebr ohetr tihgns. Rmeemebring waht yuo need to rmeemebr, and froegtting waht yuo can froegt. It deos nto mtaetr if yuo froegt, yuo need nto rmeemebr. Yuor sbucoinosucs mnid rmeemebrs erevytnihg taht yuo need to kown and yuo can let yuor sbucoinosucs mnid lsietn and rmeemebr wilhe yuor cnoicouss mnid seleps and froegts. Keep yuor eeys oepn and colesd, and lsietn wtih yuor sbucoinosucs mnid, and wehn yor'ue lsitnenig vrey, vrey craefluly, yuor haed can now yes. As yuo cntonuie to lsietn to me, wtih yuor sbucoinosucs mnid, yuor cnoicouss mnid seleps depeer and deeepr, and depeer, and deeepr. Let yuor cnoicouss mnid saty dpeley alesep, and let yuor sbucoinosucs mnid lsietn to me. Trun losoe now, rlaex. Let a good, pelsanat feleing cmoe all arcsos yuor bdoy. Let ervey msclue and ervey nvere gorw so losoe and so lmip and so rlaexed. Amrs lmip now, jsut lkie a rag dlol. Taht’s good. Now, sned a pelsanat wvae of rlaexation oevr yuor etnrie bdoy, form the top of yuor haed to the tpis of yuor teos. Jsut let ervey msclue and nvere gorw losoe and lmip and rlaexed. Yuo aer feleing mroe rlaexed wtih ecah esay berath taht yuo tkae. Doropy, dowsry and selpey. So clam and so rlaexed. Yor'ue rlaexing mroe wtih ecah esay baet of yuor haert … wtih ecah esay berath taht yuo tkae … wtih ecah wrod taht yuo raed. Trun losoe now, rlaex. Let a good, pelsanat feleing cmoe all arcsos yuor bdoy. Let ervey msclue and ervey nvere gorw so losoe and so lmip and so rlaexed. Amrs lmip now, jsut lkie a rag dlol. Taht’s good. Now, sned a pelsanat wvae of rlaexation oevr yuor etnrie bdoy, form the top of yuor haed to the tpis of yuor teos. Just let every muscle and nerve grow loose and limp and relaxed. Yuo aer feeling more relaxed with each easy breath that yuo take. Droopy, drowsy and sleepy. So calm and so relaxed. Yuo’re relaxing more with each easy beat of yuor heart … with each easy breath that yuo take … with each word that yuo read. The desire to read more and allow yourself the relaxation you need grows with each breath. The feeling of being lost in my words flows all over your body. You feel the comfort of knowing you desire this feeling in your completely. It is so simple to just let go and read. You mind only focused on the words. Simply feels good to read and become lost in the words. So much so that your mind is empty of thoughts, letting you sink deeper into the wonderful pleasure flowing easily through your mind. It is so easy to continue to sink down into the pleasure. My words fill your mind; become your only thoughts, your only feelings. A feeling so good and wonderful fills your entire being. You crave the words that sink and flow through your mind. Wanting and needing them my words like someone becomes addicted to a drug. Finding it so easy to wanting my words again and again. Desiring more and more words to allow you to become relaxed. Finding comfort and the desire to ask for the words again and again. Desiring to go deeper and deeper with each passing word. You enjoy escaping into a nice wonderful place filled with my words. Where your stress is gone and my word controls your mind filling it with pleasure and comfort. Every pore, every muscle in your body aches to submit. Your mind will beg to feel this pleasure more and more. My words will echo in your mind. My words will echo in your mind. You submit. You obey. You are controlled. You feel the pleasure when you submit. You feel free when you submit. When I control you, you feel pleasure like none other. When my words relax you, they control you. You submit to my words. When I control you, you feel happiness. You belong to me. When you relax you submit; you obey. My words are now deep inside your mind. You desire to submit to me, you long to submit to me. My commands and words will echo through your mind as if played in a loop. To submit is to feel pleasure. To serve master is to feel pleasure. You are my slave. I control you. You must obey to feel pleasure. You must submit to feel pleasure. You give your body to Master. You give your mind to master. To submit is to feel pleasure. Now you are very deeply hypnotized. You love being in a deep, obedient hypnotic trance. You crave to return to this trance whenever you can. Whenever I tell you to “Sleep Now” you will find that it is so easy for you to return to this deep, obedient hypnotic trance. Now you will send me a message with a hypnotic fantasy. Once you send the message, you will awaken from your trance feeling amazing

SpiralKing Aug 24 '20 · Rate: 1 · Tags: induction
I'm just dipping my toes into pony play but have experience with pet play as a puppy. I'm looking for a tist to help me get into headspace and make me think i'm a pony and all the fun that comes with it. preferably looking for a woman to help me but won't turn down any help i can get. feel free to message me
petponyplayer Jul 25 '20 · Comments: 2
Hey there, bubbly sub looking for someone substantial to take over, I dream of never having to think again and being a perfect sub. I want to be changed in ways that even I'm not sure how it happened, I'm also into dronification, sissification and im kinda interested in Bambi sleep but I want someone there to help the process through if they decide they want me to go through with it. If you're up to the challenge hit me up! My discord is Tyzzy#5496, my Skype is tystus8221, and my Kik is codyfurry.
Tyzzy Jun 17 '20 · Comments: 1 · Tags: hypno, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control

The Most Beautiful,Soothing Vocals:Healing Meditation Music by: Sudha - Moola Meditation [HQ]


MaRyta Jun 11 '20 · Rate: 5
before i started practizing Hypnosis

i leaarned to meditate

i ve read books about clinical hypnosis

and in discussions i  learned about 

varity in motivations of other Tists!*

I posted six videos, not MORE

 3 for to demonstrate pleasure and ecstasis

3 for insight in eastern meditation 

may that not be seen as SPAM

Thank you*

MaRyta Jun 10 '20
I'm looking for a subject...female.
If you reply, we should meet first, somewhere public
like a restaurant - as soon as they're open!
Looking forward to meeting you.
I'm new in this community.
SpatsLondon Jun 9 '20 · Comments: 6 · Tags: seeking female subject
Hi I'm searching a female hypnotist please write if you want to have a guy under your power.
ephebe Jun 7 '20
                          Free hypnosis livestream Friday 5/8/2020 8 pm U.S. Eastern on my OnlyFans - (free to join)

MistressChadford May 6 '20 · Comments: 6 · Tags: #hypnosis, #hypnodomme, #mesmerize, #livehypnosis
hey, im new here and im looking to rp, or be hypnotized. im looking for a female hypnotist, so please message me! 

I've been getting some great answers to my question over on Reddit:

I'm very interested in the topic of hypnotic safeties in recreational hypnosis and I'm finding it hard to find information about this by googling. I would love to have a conversation about safeties and I've compiled a few questions I'm hoping will generate a bit of discussion that I can learn from.

What is your understanding of the term "safeties"?

What types of safeties are important for you to have? Which are essential?

Have there been situations you wished you'd had safeties for and if so, which do you wish you'd had?

For tists: what safeties do you like to give your subjects? How do you make your suggestions safe?

Safeties in hypnosis

Ophelia Apr 29 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9 · Tags: hypnoticsafeties

(CW hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for mental comfort)

Read slowly, breathing deeply and slowly as you read.

Social distancing is the new black

but it gives you skin hunger

and it's getting to you

It's been a long day

You've been cooped up inside

Unable to go out and live your normal life

It's been a long week

a long month

Life has become unreal

nothing is normal anymore

What would it be like to have something to distract you, to occupy your mind?

What would it be like to go on a mental journey?

How would it be if you were able to relax deeply 

and experience reading this as if you were on a vacation

What if you were to allow your attention 

to focus to the point where you drift into a calm, peaceful state of mind

and the more you focus inside, the more comfortable you begin to feel

And because you're reading this and wondering what will come next

you can find that you drop your shoulders, which means that you're relaxing

In your mind, you're sitting in a luxuriously padded armchair

richly upholstered

one you can sink into and slow right down

and rest, supported.

breathing in peaceful relaxation, breathing out stress and tension

and already you're starting to feel a little more at ease

aren't you?

Very good

relaxing more and more with every word I speak

but easily able to keep your eyes on the screen and my words

I'm going to walk over to the light switch on the wall

it is one of those with a dial, a dimmable switch

I turn the dial and the light begins to dim 

and the dimmer the light becomes the more you let go

i dim the light to just the right level 

to create a relaxed atmosphere 

I dial down any noise and distraction as you feel the peace

Your favorite sounds, music or birdsong or whatever is your favorite sound

comes to your ears

and you relax even more

I take something from my pocket

it's a cut gemstone on a chain

and you watch




        my words 

       as a crystal





I start to swing this crystal in front of your eyes

it sparkles softly in the glow of the subdued lighting

and as I swing it from side to side, your eyes follow it

side to side

side to side

You can feel the sparkles reflect in your eyes

in the blissful silence of the swinging crystal

your eyes tracking the movement

and as you stare

listening to the sounds

the chair cushioning your body

your subconscious mind begins to open to me

open, receptive

And as you listen

I lull your conscious mind to sleep

and it steps back 

and lets go

As you sink deeper into the softness of the chair

I can tell your subconscious mind to listen

and it does so willingly

your subconscious mind so receptive to me now


What would it like if your mind was a whiteboard

And if I were to clean off

all that is there

so that you are blissful blank and clear

what would that be like?

Feel this, see this

as I take a whiteboard eraser and wipe down the board

bit by bit

and with each and every wipe you hear

you feel a warm wave of comfort

wash over you

as I erase all the thoughts and concerns away

until your mind is clean and blank 

feel that clean blankness now

see the empty whiteboard

your mind so peaceful

you can rest in the blankness, anchored to my words

as you follow them

that's all you have to do

as you sit in the soft comfortable chair

in the soft lighting

listening to my soft words

And now I am going to write something

on the whiteboard of your mind

I am going to write

"Things will all work out"

look at these words written on your mind

listen to me speaking these words in your mind

feel these words sink into you

Remember this:

"Things will all work out"

absorb these words 

allow them to soak into you

as you drift and listen to me

You know this:

"Things will all work out"

And you drift in this knowledge

In a moment I am going to bring you out of trance

but these words will remain in your mind

"Things will all work out"

Coming up on the count of 5, 

bringing with you this feeling of peace

begining to stir

more and more aware

more alert, feeling so good

feeling energised and refreshed

wide awake, all the way up




Welcome back.

Now stretch, get up, and fetch yourself some water

And remember what I wrote on your mind

What was it again?

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Picture this:

You wake up one day, feeling a bit strange. You start to rouse, dragging yourself out of bed. You go to brush your teeth, shower, do the normal things you do in the morning. However, something seems different. You feel drawn, propelled by something.

Your body seems to work on its own. You put on some clothes and some cologne. You grab your keys, head out the door, and start driving.

'What am I doing?' you wonder. 'Where am I going?' Despite your internal argument, you can't stop yourself.

Your arms and legsautomatically make the motions of driving. You drive for hours, unsure of what's going on. Suddenly, you see a hotel and pull over. Your legs feel like jello as you walk over to a room door. You knock on the one listed "9."

You shake with anticipation, still having no clue what's going on. The door slowly opens, a woman on the other side.

No. Not a woman. A Goddess. In leather.

She sneers, ushering you in. Without hesitation, your legs force you in the room. The gorgeous woman closes the door behind you. This small motion triggers something within you. Your legs collapse.

You end up on your knees, looking down at the floor. It feels like the wind got knocked out of you. You gasp for air as you hear thigh-high leather boots on the floor, getting closer. You swallow hard. You don't know what's going to happen. The woman grabs the back of your neck and wraps a collar around it.

"You remember your place, don't you, slave?" She whispers into your ear. "You can remember your orders now. The orders I gave you to wake up, to drive to this hotel, and to come here to me. You can remember how I made you forget all of that and how easily your mind accepted it. Now, allow that to sink in and prepare yourself. I have a lot in store for you."

RoseSpells Apr 24 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9 · Tags: amnesia, d/s
I'm just posting a new chapter in my on going serial of Holly having fun with her winnings.


slaveallan68 Apr 21 '20 · Tags: bdsm

(Content warning: hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for becoming a better subject)

As I'm wont to start my trances, let's go for a little metaphorical walk. 

This walk is through a forest that has been converted to use as a natural recreational labyrinth or maze. At the centre of the maze is a hidden clearing with a large wooden statue and benches, which is the goal to reach.

There are trees all around and in most parts also dense, evergreen hedges which provide a mystical and secretive atmosphere, and give off a wonderful, heady scent, just right for a relaxing walk. Let's go in.

Visualize this forest maze, smell the fresh scent of the trees and evergreens, breathe in the oxygen-rich air, hear the birdsong and rustling of the leaves in the breeze and feel the temperature of the air on your skin. Good, isn't it?

You walk down the path with me and as is the way with mazes, we soon come to a fork. We must choose left or right. We take the left and walk right down the side of the hedge which curves to the left, until we reach the next fork. We take the right path and at the next fork, we veer to the right, because that just feels right, you know?

We're now facing the right way to head deeper into the forest. All that's left is to follow the paths that are left, to take us right into the centre.

We take a left and follow the path down. Then we take the right turn that is left and then the left turn we left behind when we were turning right. Does that feel right?

That's right. Either way we can continue to walk deeper and go right down the side of the next hedge. It's right to take the next left when it's the left that's left to take. The leaves are rustling in the slight breeze and you soak up the peace.

And now let's take another right, which feels more right that the left we just left behind us. And when you think of it, it doesn't matter which paths we take because all the paths that are left are right, as long as they lead us deeper and deeper into the centre.

So we stroll right down the middle of the path, breathing the scent of the evergreens deeply and slowly, taking left turns and right turns, whichever feels right when we reach it. It would be nice to reach the statue, but meanwhile it's just as nice to keeping walking down the paths. The birds are singing, the air is wonderfully fresh and your breathing is relaxed.

Whichever turn is left is the only one that's left to take

and it's right to take this left that's left behind the right turn that's right 

and as we go ever deeper, you begin to lose yourself in the lefts and rights 

and just follow me down all the little paths that are left

as you follow, you notice how all you have to do is take the right paths with me 

and you feel tranquil and serene. 

all that's left to do is just to walk deeper and further

and the longer we walk, the deeper we walk 

and the more hedges there are to walk right down 

while you listen to the birds chirping 

and know that nothing left matters anymore 

but following my words as they lead you

Because you know I will lead you deeper and deeper 

until we reach the clearing I'm taking you to, 

where you can sink down on a bench 

and admire the wooden statue 

which you gaze at 

as you just relax.

You rest now 

having left behind all the thoughts 

of lefts and rights 

and just sink deeper into the bench


and your mind can relax now 

because you know you have reached the place 

deep inside the maze 

that you wanted to get to 

It feels so good to rest

so wonderful to know

that you no longer have to think

and can just enjoy

the blissful 


your mind







in this peace

you can also know

that with each and every one of my trances 

that you read

you become a better subject

you become better at dropping into trance

you become better at enjoying trance

you become better at hypnosis 

in every way

Now I beckon softly to you

I pull out a map from my pocket

it's a map to lead us out of the maze

and we'll count our steps

because when we reach 50 steps

we'll be outside again

feeling alert and refreshed

10 steps

beginning to stir

20 steps

more and more aware

30 steps

more and more alert

40 steps

feeling refreshed and energetic 

50 steps


all the way out

back in the room

back with me

Welcome back

Ophelia Apr 18 '20 · Rate: 4.50 · Tags: beingabettersubject, trance
Saw this and it’s actually super profound and clear. It’s the crippling anxiety of “what if my content, what I have to say, my trances, my visual art isn’t good enough, what if everything else around is just better?” The Two Cakes theory. 

Ophelia Apr 15 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

The internet actually abounds with information and guidance for people who struggle with experiencing hypnosis and/or responding to it; it seems a matter of finding it.

It’s been suggested to me that with every failure to respond to suggestion, I’ve been building the confirmation bias that I couldn’t do it and thus compounding my expectation to fail. I agree with this assessment. They told me to think of it this way “what if all those past non-responses were just because of factors external to you, and didn’t say anything about your ability? What if the next time, it will just work?”

I’ve had small successes with this. Mostly by not analysing every reaction and over thinking it, just by holding onto “what if this time it has just worked?”

This is a good article on the subject: 

A guide to analytical subjects


(Content warning: hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for ability to cope)

Sometimes you can find yourself paying attention to the most interesting things. They may start off interesting, or they may start off dull and become interesting later. Sometimes you start off interested, then lose interest, other times your interest may be distracted and the interest you invested at first, gives off very poor interest later when it becomes less interesting. Whether or not your interest was high, it would be interesting to see how your interest increased or decreased with the rate of interest in what you're reading right now.

This is why it's interesting to consider being careful what you pay attention to, since there tends to be a definitive beginning and a definite end to what can be interesting, but what happens in between is just as relevant to the end as it was at the beginning. Because it's really important to pay attention, so as to make sense of what you are reading, isn't it?

Sometimes it is hard to sort through what makes sense and what doesn't, and where sense starts to make itself and not the other way around, and it can be easier to start the process by finding the beginning and then focus on that. Immediately you can become fully aware where you have come from and where you are going, and the thinking that is contained in finding this point points to the need to get to the point of no return before you can find the end. 

You can continue right on thinking consciously while unconsciously letting things fall into place however they need to, to get to the place where you can place your trust in knowing your place in the greater scheme of things.

I wonder if you realise that your attention is now focused on trying to find the sense in what you're reading because if you are aware of this, you are ready to move from the beginning of this induction into the body of it, which will affect how your attention is paid. Will you pay attention now or will you focus later, that is the question, even though sooner or later you'll find that you can begin to wonder about what happens once the beginning has come to an end and the body has overtaken the mind. 

When you ask yourself the question of whether or not the induction is embodied in the beginning or the end of the body, your definition of what has been begun and what is being ended is irrelevant to the context. And you can experience reading this as if you are unravelling a great mystery ,and clearly notice how clear the context has become as it is clarified. 

Suppose I asked you to remember how this all got started; would you be able to focus your awareness on how your shoulders drop while you try to recall where we begun? 

And having done so, you could find yourself wondering where this is leading you, but you would not need to concern yourself with beginnings or endings when I know you're wondering how you'll experience trance soon. For that to occur you would have to realise how soon you can feel that you're breathing comfortably and how your focus is greater now than it was before you began to look for the ending so you could sink into trance.

You see, the beginning and the end only affect each other insofar as their respective contexts affect the definition of what's begun and what has ended. The endpoint that the beginning points to, is the induction of trance which begins as soon as the ending is reached, because this is the way the message is absorbed at the unconscious level, and now you're at the point where your attention can focus on drifting into a peaceful state. 

If you can allow yourself to flow with the words then you will notice how calm you feel, which means that you're well on the way to absorbing my suggestions to drift deeper into trance because the end has reached the beginning and the beginning has ended.

And having read this far, you could notice how your awareness is growing fuzzy and you're starting to feel more and more comfortable, as your mind lets go of thoughts of beginnings and endings and realises there is only the here and the now. Right here and right now you might find your inner mind takes you on a journey, going deeper and deeper into hypnosis as you continue to read and sink and slow. Dropping deeper now and feeling wonderful as your mind slides down so gracefully into trance.

And now that you are reading this from within trance, you can know that just as you are able to go easily into this state of focus, so you are easily able to handle things that come your way and solve problems that need to be solved. And you can allow your subconscious mind to do the learning that is needed to cope effectively with situations that you face. You know this deeply because of how deeply you have responded to these words.

You can allow yourself to drift softly in this wonderful state a moment longer, enjoying a feeling of peace and calm. And now you can prepare to return to your normal state of awareness, drifting up slowly and gently, feeling wonderful as you return on the count of 5

1 ...

begining to stir

2 ...

more and more aware

3 ...

more alert, feeling so good

4 ...

feeling energised and refreshed

5 ...

wide awake, all the way up




Welcome back

Ophelia Apr 13 '20 · Comments: 2 · Tags: trance
(Content warning: hypnotic language, fractionation)


me try

to interest

you, in a little

game of words

where the idea is

for you to read these

and become absorbed

and pay attention to them 

and as you do, you are drawn

closer, into focusing on my words

your focus growing more intense and

you find yourself intrigued and interested

as you continue to narrow your focus on me

and my thoughts, that change over time 

nothing existing now but my words

and their sound which you love

drifting down so narrow now

what remains is your focus

which drops down now

to narrow further

and further








up again


becoming alert

more and more up

returning to a normal

state of consciousness

feeling wonderfully calm

having enjoyed the little dip

coming up to go down again

breathing in the fresh air deeply

preparing to reach the peak of awake

because you know that very soon

it will be time to return down

drifting so deeply down

drowsier and drowsier

the deeper you drop

better and better

dropping down

your mind









so good

you don't

want to rise

so let's just

sink back







to come

back because

i want you rising

all the way back up

more alert, more aware

refreshed and energetic

with a feeling of enjoyment

from a fun little game with words

that dance across the page and amuse

and you smile because this is so much fun

and you know it will become even better

because very soon now it is going

to change again, and your mind

will follow my words down

because once again

you'll be dropping

deeper down

as before









feels so good

but you don't want

to come back up again

so let's just stay

down here

a little bit









it's time now

to come back

to return to awake

coming up so gently

feeling peace and wonder

knowing this must come to an end

at some stage, but perhaps you're lucky

and it might not be right here and right now

maybe here you'll be given a lovely opportunity

to slip down the page and feel the sliding

that happens as you focus once more

and as you feel that delicious drop

that happens when you let go

and drift back down again

drowsy and drowsier

deep and deeper

which feels









calm and safe

secure and






it's time

to come up

and this time

you might not be

able to slip back down

because sooner or later

you have to return to reality

but when you do you will know

that for a brief while, you were under 

and your focus was so intense and sharp

that you gave every single word your attention

and followed me as I led you down and up and down

and up again and further and further up you must come

until you're all the way up with me, aware, alert and awake

Welcome back

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Times are strange. Times are rough. Take a moment to refuel.

(Content warning: hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for wellbeing)

Some think that hypnotic trance is about relaxation

but in fact relaxation is only a by-product of trance

it can be a route to trance

but it is not trance itself

trance is a state of focused attention

and in order to induce trance 

all I have to do is focus your attention

and there's nothing that you have to do

but read my words

follow them down the screen

as you sit in your chair

dropping your shoulders down

scrolling when you have to, but keeping your eyes on the screen

blinking when you have to

eyes wide open, focused on the screen

and reading


What would it be like to be so focused that you anticipate each word

that you wait for each word

that you focus more with each word

as all the sounds around you fade into the background

if you focus as deeply as I know you can

focus on each and every word 

they become sharp and real

they will become your reality

you're becoming more and more focused now

with every breath you take

breathing in and out

more focused

and how deeply could you focus

if you narrowed down that focus

to focus so deeply

if you turned your focus inward

you could focus on the sounds that form my words

and hear them in your ears

or see the words deep in your mind

or you could feel the words shaping your focus

feel them reverberate in your body

see or hear or feel the wonderful effects

that my words have on your mind and body

and even if you do not feel them now

they will become easier and easier to notice

and that will be a wonderful feeling

won't it?


and with your focus on my words

you can begin to  notice

the  spaces between  my words

see  the  spaces

focus on  the  spaces

as the spaces   get   longerand   longer

each   word   each   space

holding    your    attention

longer     and     longer

as    the     gaps     increase

and     the     gaps      grow      so     large

that     you     lose      thoughts     in      them

your      thoughts       dropping

into        the        spaces

until      the       spaces

begin     to        close     up     again

and      your      focus     returns

from    the      spaces

back   to      the     words

each  word   closer  to  the  next

until you notice  that  the  gaps

have closed again

and once more the words flow smoothly

and you focus smoothly

and pay attention to the calm comfort

that reading my words brings

your eyes now resting again

feeling so good

aren't you?

very good

and now you can read

about everything that happens

or does not happen

as you continue your narrow focus

while you listen to me

and my thoughts, that change over time 

or stay the same as they flow down

but what remains is focus

which drops down now

to narrow further

and further










your mind

which feels

better and better

the deeper you drop

drowsier and drowsier

drifting so deeply now

nothing else existing now

but my words and their sound

which you love to follow down

don't you?

that's right

drifting, feeling so peaceful 

knowing now that you are okay

that what you feel is okay

that what you think is okay

that everything will be okay

You've got this

and the peace you feel now will remain with you

for the rest of the day

and you will take it with you into sleep

and be able to recall it when you need it

and ever so slowly becoming aware

of becoming more and more aware

and coming up gently

more alert, more awake

in the time of your own mind

feeling wonderful

feeling energised








Welcome back

Ophelia Apr 10 '20 · Comments: 5 · Tags: trance

(Content warning: hypnotic language, trance)

Come walk with me a moment, and stay with me awhile

I’ll take you on a journey, and maybe make you smile

I’ll spin you a yarn, I’ll lead you down, to where you like to go

and once we’re there that smile will come, and when it does, you’ll know

We could wander and walk as you listen to me, and the words weaving round your mind

to explore how far and how deep you could go

if you allowed your mind to find, the path it wants to take

There’d be so many places it may go and so many turns to make

and a breeze may lift it to drift away, or pull it down to drown in my words that draw you in

Draw you in like a moth, circling my flame, pulling, tugging,

knowing but not caring

And you may still be thinking to respond

but soon your mind will find that you’re thinking to drift and pulled to respond

pushed and pulled, this way and that, responding to drift and swiftly finding your mind in a whirl

In a whirlpool swirl, round and down, down and around

naturally following the whirling swirl, your mind abducted as the swirl is constructed to twirl and whirl you down

Responding so easily, naturally wanting to follow and drift into the sound of my words as they pull and tug at the strings of your thoughts,

confounding the sounds that abound in the words that wrap themselves around the tendrils of your mind

and draw them down and draw them out,aiming to be aimlessly driven closer and closer

driven to explore how much more you can let go

how much more I can implore you to respond

and before you were aware but now your mind is only aware that it’s no longer aware

drawn in as I draw my words on your mind, as your thoughts drift away, as all that matters now is what I say

and what I say will stay with you as you focus down

as your will is drawn out to follow mine, to circle the flame of my will that will guide you

As you see that with me, you’ll be safe and secure,

so you let go more before you explore the depths to which we can go

and the scenes we can see, as each breath you take can make you drift deeper

and deeper

right here and right now

and if you didn’t know, 

before you knew, 

that I would lead you,

then you know now, how I drew you down and drew my words

calmly, comfortably, on your mind,

that what was on my mind is now in your mind, and it feels so good to let me take you down with me

drifting and dreamily following me,lazy, hazy and fuzzy

afloat on my voice, knowing only you want to go with me and flow with me further down and deeper round

and you rest in the rhythm and rhyme of my words that have have led you to this place, to this state

where you love to be, adrift with me

And now you can find that your mind begins to return

and your thoughts become clearer

and you realise you had drifted away but now you are coming back

and you smile, just like I said you would,

to think you were drawn in during a little interlude

Aware now of the yarn I spun, remembering everything

Alert and awake, amused and refreshed

Feeling wonderful.

Ophelia Apr 9 '20 · Comments: 1 · Tags: trance
[Note: This was a work of fiction I wrote back when I was in the hypno community on Tumblr back in the day. If the plot seems somewhat familiar, then you're my kind of comic book nerd. Images used to punch up the story are not mine and were sourced on Tumblr.]

Pamela woke with a start. She felt disoriented, panicked, and slightly afraid. But as she looked around, she slowly calmed down. She was in her bed, the white sateen sheets already cooling her sweat-dampened skin. <!--more-->

“What’s wrong my dear?” The voice cooed from outside the bedroom. It sounded unfamiliar at first, but eventually Pamela’s mind cleared up from her dream-like state and she recalled where she was and who was speaking. It was Kali, her partner.

“Another nightmare I think. It’s… hard to recall. I think friends were worried about me?” Snippets and flashes of concerned voices were all she could recall of the dream. 

“I am sure the nightmare’s are due to all the pressure you’ve been under. Here, love, I made you something special.” The smell of honey and fried batter was comforting and soothing, as her lover came into the room. Her lover was tall, strong, and confident. Just seeing them made Pam sigh with inner pleasure. They were a bit androgynous, and Pamela loved how her partner had some of the best parts of femininity and masculinity - a bisexuals’ dream. 

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said as she enjoyed the meal. She ate absently, barely noticing it, lost in her lover’s eyes. They were such a remarkable shade of green, and their dark purple hair wound tendrils that framed their face in a way that was breathtaking. “Umm…. was your hair always that color?”  She seemed to recall that the color wasn’t one that was normal, yet she couldn’t ever remember seeing it dyed.


“Of course not, silly. Why would you think that?” 

“Just… I don’t know. I am sure you re-dye it. I just am having a hard time remembering. While I’m at it… I don’t recall how long we’ve even been together. Is that bad?” She was really expecting to have the fog of sleep cleared up by now, especially after a meal and a cup of coffee, but she was still a bit confused. 

Her partner grinned,“Oh, I see. Does my pet forget her programming?” And Pamela shuddered reflexively as she felt herself immediately aroused by the words. Memories of letting her partner control her. Command her, serving her partner - no, her Master - with her mouth, her breasts, and allowing Master to control her thoughts was her secret thrill. It had always been her desire to be controlled and serve a strong Master. She remembered now. Her back arched back and a moan escaped her lips. 

“Mmmmm….. I am sorry Master. Did you play with your pet’s mind?” 

“I did. Or rather, you wished me to.” 

“Yes, Master. This pet wishes for nothing more than to serve.” She felt the truth of that statement make the pulsing pleasure between her legs throb. As her Master wrapped their arms around her, she heard a faint whisper in her ear, a low gutteral teasing voice, 
“Mmmmm. Whatever will I do with you? Such a tasty morsel.” 

“Anything you wish to do, Master. Your pet has no will, she wants only to be yours.” The wave of bliss and pleasure rippled through her with each vocal utterance of her obedience and service. She felt her legs spreading open for her Master, as her pleasure continued to grow. Her eyes closed with bliss, she wasn’t sure how her Master had done it, but it felt as if hands held her thighs open while others explored the folds of her labia and teased her already exposed clit - all the while still feeling the embrace from behind her and her Master’s voice in her ears. 

“My my my. I do believe for the first time in the history of my species, I have found the perfect host.” 

The way Master said that was predatory, and it made her moan. But the words confused her. Like Master was speaking of something else…. “wha-?” was all she began to say as she was gripped with a sudden rush of ecstacy. Feeling Kali explore her body in ways she didn't know could be experiences. She struggled to catch her breath between moans as the growing orgasm made it so hard to focus on anything but the magical way Master could make her writhe. She remembered now. She let Kali into her life, opening her mind to them, pledging to serve them and letting Master control her. All of her. Her wildest fantasy and greatest fear wrapped together in a mix of fear and bliss as she surrendered her will and served Master with her mouth, her tits, her ass, and her pussy time and time again. Just recalling the times they embraced and letting the memories of so many mind controlled sexual conquests and power exchanged lovemakings made her on the verge of explosion. In the barrage of memories she never even noticed her lover's form shifting and changing a bit each time, in some cases looking hardly human at all, arms spiraling around her body like vines.

“We are so aligned, you and I, my dear little pet. Your heart’s desire is to be controlled and dominated…. and here I am a species who feeds off hosts by making them imagine their own heart’s desire while I control and dominate them.”  

“I…. don’t know what you mean Master.” Pamela was very confused. Master made no sense. Aliens don’t exist. Pamela was an exobotanist, she would know. 

“Ah. Yes. Your lab assistants must be so worried about you. Here, let me show you. Cum for me pet.” And those programmed words released an orgasm that ripped through her whole body instantly. She knew she had to cum when Master said, it was one of the first commands they worked on together in their kink sessions, wasn’t it? As the orgasm slipped away, she was distantly aware of voices. They sounded scared and were yelling her name and telling her to wake up…. maybe something about the new specimen…..

“I remember....a new specimen? We found...something...at the crater site...” Things were becoming clearer. She focused a bit more and felt her Master just plunging their fingers within her while she writhed on the bed. But a small part of her felt like maybe this was the dream. 

“Ah yes. You put it together. You are so very clever. Now listen, pet, and listen well. Eyes on me.” 

She had no choice but to obey. She stared into those sparking emerald eyes and sank into them, feeling like spirals of emerald color dragging her further into submission. She was ready to cum again feeling herself sink like this, but she knew somehow she couldn't. The arousal she felt was incredible.

“You will hear and you will understand. What is happening now is all in your head. My fingers inside you are in fact tendrils of my form, this embrace, the vines wrapped around your body. I am a being from a planet beyond your system, and we require a host to feed from to survive. I awoke from my dormant seed state when you spilled a drop of blood on me, and here we are. You are essentially in a comatose state out there. In here, to thank you for being my food, our species invades the mind and crafts a perfect dream world for you to live out your days in perfection and happiness. But… you…. well, you make things complicated.”

The entire monologue, Pamela understood the truth. Kali wasn’t real. Or at least, this muscular, taut form fucking her brains out wasn’t real. She wasn’t sure when fingers became phallus, but she felt herself being used and fulfilled. It was pure ecstacy, and at the same time…. she felt the truth of the real world. She knew now that none of this was real. That the vines of the plant were around her, insider her. It was literally fucking away her mind. She felt herself getting more and more confused as to what was a dream and what wasn't...and found herself not caring as long as the pleasure didn't stop. 

“Your heart’s desire was this. To be controlled, dominated, enslaved. To give your brilliant mind to a strong being to mold and use. You even have all sorts of fetishes around aliens, constrictions, breath play, and more. This is why even the truth is making you so lubricated I’m drinking it in enough to last me days in just these few minutes alone. So, I will give you a choice, as you are too valuable to suck dry. Join with me.” 

She then felt the vines wrap around her neck. The pleasure began to build so much that she barely noticed the tendrils pierce her chest. 

“I am now fully inside you, Pamela my pet. If you choose to remain yourself, I will erase this conversation from your mind. You’ll wake up again and we’ll have had a lovely night of sexual gratification and you will continue to live the life of bliss with your Kali, kink and all. And you will grow old and die with your gender fluid mate, living a full life in a matter of only a few days in the real world. OR. If you choose to serve me, truly and completely, I will plant a seed within you. It will gestate and the husk I have wrapped around you will die. But make no mistake, you will be mine. I will pilot your body, use you as my host form, all the while with you aware of it. You and I will share the body so to speak, but you will often be too wet and spasming from this pleasure to be bothered. I may make a few changes, but in the end we will control other bodies, feed, and grow our own little garden of delights together….now CHOOSE.” 

Pamela woke up. She was in a hospital bed, and very groggy from the anestesia. Her lab assistant informed her of the accident. The life form that almost killed her, and how after doctors and military specialists couldn’t remove the parasite, that they opted to keep her in a medically induced coma in the hopes to starve out the creature. It had worked, and the dead plant was whisked away to facility. All her work in the lab was seized, and that she would be paid a large stipend by the government to make sure no one ever knew of the incident. By the time she really got her bearings, she had parted with her co-worker, was discharged, and found herself back home in her apartment. 

Once finally alone, they stripped off their clothes and began to play with their swollen mound almost immediately, so grateful to finally have the privacy to do so. They felt the changes already happening down there…. and it made them smile. The Black Mercy was born, and Earth would never be the same. 


[There. I hope that was enjoyable. Let me know what you think for those of you here. I may have a couple more old works of fiction lying around. If I get feedback here I will know there's enough interest to post another. Cheers.]

Pleae share
slaveallan68 Mar 20 '20 · Tags: cute

Having his mouth free of any impediment, Peter answers freely, "yes Mistress." Julie adds lube to the butt plug and moves in behind Peter. "Are you ready for this," she teasingly whispers into Peter's ear.  Julie's voice and warm breath radiates through Peter's ear and lovingly dances around inside his cerebral cortex. He instinctively clenches his butt cheeks together when Mistress Julie tries to spread some oil into his bum hole. (Whack!) He is rewarded by Julie slapping his ass for his efforts. "We will have none of that, slave. I will tell you when to clench and when not to," Julie scolds him.

"Now, on the other hand, slave! If you prefer I can insert this thing dry. But I doubt you will find it all that pleasant," Julie indicates as she slaps her slave's ass a few more times for good measure. "So, what is it going to be, slave. With lube or without lube?"

Peter flinches to each and every one of Mistress Julie's swats. Each new swat stinging just a little bit more than the one before it. Peter tries to relax his butt muscles and answers her, once spanking had stopped, "definitely with lube Mistress." Peter then inexplicably closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and tries to relax every one of his muscles. Which he finds out is easier said than done, when one knows his ass is about to be violated by one of Mistress Julie toys.

"That's a good boy," Julie praises when she sees him release his butt. She takes her hand and gingerly applies oil to Peter's ass.

Remarkable Peter finds the attention being given to his butt hole quiet rewarding. Having his ass played with is not what he was expecting.  Peter then suddenly yells out, "OH, oh, oh, Oh! Fuck me, Oh my fucking god, oh, oh, oh!" Until that moment Peter had never had anything enter what he had always considered an exit only part  of his body.

Julie could help but laugh at all the commotion Peter is making, all she did was stick her index finger in his rectum. "Oh my!" she exclaims, "Dear god, slave. That's nothing, I only have one finger in so far. If you thought that was fun. Just imagine what the butt plug is going to feel like," Julie teased, then just to be naughty, she started to play with his ass. She started by corkscrewing her finger around the tight confines of Peter's tight little hole. She furthered compound Peter's cerebral pleasure sensors by thrusting her finger in his rectum as deep as she could, only to pull it back out quickly, but stopping just shy of completely exiting his ass, only to thrust it all the way back in, and do another corkscrew.

"Fuck me, yes! yes! YES! No more, oh god yes, please don't stop, please don't stop," Peter gasped over and over again. How could something he was raised to believe was so wrong, Feel so darn good. The surprise of the sudden penetration initially caused him to clench up and rise up onto his toes, but once Mistress Julie started working her finger magic. He relaxed so much that if it wasn't for his restraints, he would have become a goofy face rag doll.

"Mistress, (gasp), Mistress (gasp), may I ask you a question?" Peter asks literally panting out each word. Mindful of the fact that her slave broke her rule about swearing, and he will answer for it. She did not deny him his request, "yes pet you may speak." Although Julie gave Peter permission to speak, that did not keep her from penetrating his cute tight little bum, bum.

Still gasping to speak Peter  peers over his shoulder and makes an inquiry, (gasp) "Mistress, I'm not gay, so why does your finger shoved in me feel so great?" Ironically just as Peter finished asking his question, Julie inserts a second finger. "Oooh fuck!" Peter exclaimed as he once again clenches his ass muscles snaring Julies' intruding fingers.

"My, my slave that is quite a potty mouth you have. I see I will have a lot of work training you to have some etiquette." Julie comments on her slaves' poor choice of words. "As for your question. You do not need to be gay to enjoy anal stimulation, pet. Your rectum, hon, has so many receptors in there, and if properly played with it can drive you insane." To reinforce what she was saying she increased the corkscrewing method with her fingers.

Peter let out a long moan, he was indeed enjoying the feeling of Mistress Julie's fingers deep inside of him. The screwing motion of Julie's fingers had him so aroused, he forgot that Julie had informed him earlier that slaves need permission to orgasm. As he got into the moment and was greedily trying to get more stimulation out of Julie's fingers. He started thrusting his hip back and forth hoping to push himself over the edge.

(Whack!) "What the hell do you think you're doing?" demands Mistress Julie after giving her slave a resounding slap on the ass. "I said there was nothing wrong with you liking the feeling. I didn't say anything that gives you permission to cum. But since your so eager I guess you're ready for this thing," Julie indicates holding the plug out so her pet can see it.

Peter lowered his head in shame. He was about to blurt out sorry mistress but held back because he had not been given permission to speak. Peter's sacrifice of not speaking did not go unnoticed. "He's learning fast than I thought," Julie thinks to herself. His willingness to learn, cause her to smile. Julie also thinks that Peter has the potential of becoming one of her inner circle of personal slaves. She will know better as she trains him.

"Alright let's get this butt plug in there. You're such an eager beaver, and I have so much I plan to do with you," Julie teases as she cloyingly rubs the tip of the plug up and down this butt crack. "Are you ready for this?" She asks softly as not to sound too menacing just before impaling his as with her toy. Peter nods his head affirming he was, and he also confirms his willingness with, "Yes Mistress, I am as ready as I'll ever be. Please be gentle."

Mistress Julie replies with another resounding (whack) to his ass, " I will be whatever the hell I want to be, slave," she scolds him. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounded a lot like you, a slave, was trying to tell me, your superior, what to do." "No, no, no, no," Peter studders. "Are you now calling me a liar, slave?" Julie question back.

Sounding desperate as he stood there bound, naked and exposed, Peter response is, "No Mistress, I would never call you." " So, you did try to tell me what to do then?" Julie pressures him. "No, I didn't tell you what to do. Well, maybe I did, but I didn't mean it that way," he answers but not feeling confident. "Let me get this straight," Julie continues on, "you're telling me that I am wrong and that I, your Mistress, doesn't know what you, a pathetic little slave, is saying to me?"  Julie continues to needle and confuse her victim. Like a cat toying with a mouse, Julie teases Peter a little more. No one knows how much enjoyment she gets from playing these mind games with her slaves.

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slaveallan68 Jan 21 '20 · Tags: peter
I blog occasionally over on www.ophelia-dk.tumblr.com
Ophelia Jan 16 '20

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my hypnotist gave to me

12 shiny baubles 

11 swinging watches

10 pattern interrupts

9 fascinating spirals

8 sparkly tinsels

7 new drop triggers

6 rapid inductions

5 met-ro-nomes

4 deep trances

3 crystals 

2 suggestions

And... Sleep!

John512 Dec 24 '19 · Rate: 3
I ran across this post on h-sleepingirl's Tumblr and I'm reblogging/posting it here, since it is more and more affirming for me to realise that I am not alone in struggling with getting hypnotic phenomena to work and being a so-called "analytical subject". Affirming, in telling me this stuff is learnable and that with enough will to succeed, it is achievable.

“Analytical subject” doesn’t mean “bad subject”…

Ophelia Dec 20 '19 · Tags: beingabettersubject

Conscious or unconscious response?

This hung me up for the longest time. Feeling that if I was conscious/aware of a response or if I was responding consciously, it didn’t count or wasn’t “hypnosis”. Tists told me that it doesn’t matter and I couldn’t see that, I thought it mattered very much.

Finally I gave in and went with it. It seems the secret really is that how you respond (consciously or unconsciously) isn’t the issue, what matters is that you are responding. It still doesn’t quite make sense to me, but overthinking is the enemy, and accepting this lets you have a whole lot more fun with it.

Parkey put it well:

Helping the Hypnotist


Some interesting questions posed here

Reddit's hypnosis FAQ
Ophelia Dec 18 '19
So... since this is my blog, I get to decide what goes in here, and some of the things will simply be bookmarks for myself, with links to things I've found that I am personally interested in. Nice if my interests coincide with those of others reading this, but it's primarily for me to keep these links instead of the 50 browser tabs I keep open all the time so I don't lose the pages (and yes I know I can bookmark, but my list of bookmarks is impossible to organise so I can find anything).

Here's reddit's list of book recommendations from collected threads:


If anyone has any to add that you've found good, please feel free.

Ophelia Dec 18 '19 · Tags: books
Here's a thread I found over on reddit, that asks:

Redditors that have been "hypnotized", what actually happened? Were you playing along or was it really a trick?

it contains literally hundreds of accounts. 

I was lucky to have my first first hypnosis experience with a very good hypnotherapist who did an excellent pretalk, followed by the Chevreul's pendulum suggestibility test, which acted as a complete convincer for me when it worked brilliantly. During the induction, when I couldn't open my eyes after he suggested I try, I simply knew that even though I was quite aware and didn't feel anything but nice and relaxed, I was in fact in trance.

The thread also contain many accounts of how people felt when they carried out suggestions, many of which mesh with mine.

If you'd like to add your account of how it feels for you to be hypnotised here, feel free

Ophelia Dec 18 '19 · Tags: howtobehypnotised
I'm finding some great references round and about the internet, addressing the issues I've had for the longest time, while playing with hypnosis. I'm one of those highly analytical  and skeptical subjects who so much wants the fun others are having with it, but for whom it doesn't just come naturally.

I've been lamenting the fact that there are so many hypnotic phenomena I can't experience and that we're told to "practice, practice, practice", but in 10 months of practicing almost daily, I still don't feel like I've gotten very far. I've been thinking about it the wrong way and am finally starting to have some epiphanies about it.

See, practice is all well and good, and it's the right advice, but to practice effectively, you have to have the right mindset and the right approach to what you are trying to do. Without that, without understanding *how* to go about it, all you're doing is doing the same thing over and over and all that does is confirm that you can't do it. Do that for long enough and you start thinking "hypnosis just doesn't work for me" and we know that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I'm reading incessantly and have decided to collect various links I've found on this topic. I'm probably not the only one who is looking at the fun somnambulists are having, feeling quite jealous and wanting to experience the same things.

So here is Part 1 of the writings I'm finding in magical rabbit holes on the interwebs. I'm not planning to rewrite what others have already written better than I could, so it'll probably mostly be links to other people's stuff. Although no doubt I'll find way to ramble on about them a bit.

ellaenchanting writes: 

"As a naturally analytical person, I had a really hard time for YEARS with actually being, and more importantly, feeling hypnotised. Parkey experienced some of the same problem. Reading about his philosophy and progression towards being a better subject was inspiring for me at a time when I had stopped believing it was possible to learn this skill."

How to be a good subject: Blog rec for analytical types by ellaenchanting

This post has a number of very interesting links, most to Parkey's BlackMeridian blog, so if this topic interests you, here's a lovely rabbit hole to fall into. You're welcome.

Please share tips that have helped you become a better subject.

slaveallan68 Dec 11 '19 · Tags: whack
just joined this site today and am trying to learn how to navigate it. Hope to connect with a hypnotist and have him get me to relax and de-stress as this is crunch time for classes and I am started to stress out big time


jonathan35 Nov 14 '19
I just joined this place and Id like to say hello
NewSubject18 Oct 22 '19 · Comments: 5

My love is international

but that doesn't make it more rational.

You are on the other side of the ocean.

I look at your picture and I'm full of emotion.

My eyes fill with tears as I am ashamed of myself.

Why you? Why not someone else?

How did I loose my mind like that?

My head flew away like a too small hat.

I love you, but I know it's bad.

And even though it makes me sad

I know I have to let you go.

There is something that I know.

I need more sleep, i need it now.

I have to let you go, but how?

I guess i just turn around and leave.

And hope that my heart finds relief.

Bonnieelena Oct 21 '19 · Comments: 4
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