Many of you are not aware that I am a lifestyle Domme. I began My journey withing the BDSM community, explored a lot of roles, and discovered a lot along the way and being a Dominant is the role that feels most authentic to Me. Molding a person and shaping them to My desires is My biggest kink. I cannot specify what this looks like off-hand, because each submissive brings out something different in Me, and today I want to talk about My preferences for a submissive. This will not include submissives whose sole purpose in their lives is to please their Dominant, which is a valid lifestyle, however, I prefer submissives that have boundaries and has personal limits for their mental, physical, and emotional health, well-being and happiness.

Before approaching Me, a submissive should have these things in order:

*Know yourself and articulate what you want
*Be willing to explore and push your boundaries
*Know that trust and communication are the building blocks to a fiery D/s relationship
*Be ready to make a formal agreement (Sub/Slave Contract)

Mutual pleasure are important to Me. The reason why D/s relationships are referred to as power “exchange” is because each party should get something out of the arrangement. So know yourself and be able to articulate what you want (while remembering the Dominant's pleasure comes first). Those are the best and most fun submissives.